Ninja Theory is slow like Mase

From the article: "Ninja Theory made news a few months ago when Enslaved was announced as a multiplatform title…not really because of the announcement (which was met with a resounding chorus of crickets chirping), but because they used most of their interview time to bemoan the "backbreaking burden" of developing a game exclusively for the Playstation 3.

The interview was a real tearjerker, to be sure. Something about it being too taxing on their souls and how they'd made…and I quote…"Literally no money" with the release of Heavenly Sword."

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Chris3993498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

And I'm pretty sure that Heavenly Sword (or something like it) started on the original Xbox. So what we have here is another Silicon Knights case where the developer takes so fvcking long to make a game that they never make any money or no one gives a flying fart when it actually releases.

They should be thanking Sony for flogging their game. And I've said it before, but HS was amazing. And NOT because of Ninja Theory and Tameem Antoniades and his Jackie O sunglasses, but because of the actors (Andy Serkis and the actress from Fringe, Kai and Whip-tail were also very well done). The rest of the game was utterly pretty but passable.

mcgrawgamer3498d ago

the sk comparison may be appropriate here. these ninja theory guys started off as "Just add Monsters" and made kung fu chaos. Heavenly sword started off multiplat but the company funding the game went belly up and sony stepped in to fund the game. even if it's true they made 0 money could it be due to the fact that the company that first started funding the game put them in deeper financial straights than originally anticipated and that had an adverse effect on their (Ninja Theory) revenue?

I'm not to keen on these things but it makes you wonder....

Xi3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

"I just find it odd that in light of recent studio closings like Pandemic and Free Radical…studios that HAVE made money since 2007…Ninja Theory is able to stay open despite not having released a game or by their account, made any money in the last three years."

Technically Free radical never closed down...

Recent studio closures are because project funding was pulled out from under them or because their operational costs exceeded their output and as a subsidy they were shut down. It's not about making money per-say, but because they lost a major contract for a game, and with no work, and no funding, and all the time and money spent on the debunk game they go belly up.