Monster Hunter Tri Official Launch Trailer

Monster Hunter Tri for the Nintendo Wii hits stores tomorrow and Capcom has released the official launch trailer for the game for fans of the series to check out in the hopes of getting those of you that are undecided about purchasing the game out of your seats and in line tomorrow.

Players will venture forth into the Monster Hunter world as they complete quests not only for money and items, but to also increase the status of Moga Village, which has been devastated by earthquakes. Player will return home with their quest items that can be used to repair some of the damage done by the earthquakes and will ultimately increase the happiness of the villagers which will make them more active and in turn make the village a better place to live.

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Myst3104d ago

Oh lord I saw that man running with the egg in hand. Hopefully it won't be a mandatory mission like it was in Monster Hunter and Monster Hunter freedom. Either way intense battles lie ahead.

SpoonyRedMage3104d ago

I think it's a bonus but apparently it's much less annoying and better balanced.

Myst3104d ago

Yeah, though I'm hoping they did it like in Freedom Unite. Where you could do it or not do it. Though when you say balanced...? How exactly? :P it never really felt balanced in the first place lol.

SpoonyRedMage3104d ago

I'm not too sure myself, I remember seeing a discussion somewhere where someone mentioned that something was missing... or something...

I was skimming it so I didn't pick it all up, just that the egg missions are better done.

Myst3104d ago

Hmm I guess we all shall see tomorrow, hopefully the ChaCha will protect you or something...

Leupac3104d ago

Well by balanced they mean you can use the Wii balance board in the game. j/k That would be horrible. The trailer looked pretty good though, hopefully the game is to.

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