Jaffe Already Thinking Of Potential Project Sequel

David Jaffe's current project is highly secretive, and speculative for that matter. However, the industry legend says that he's already cranking up idea's for a potential sequel.

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LordMarius3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Hey Jaffe, ZIP IT!

and to the journalist stop hanging around Jaffe's twitter account

SpaceSquirrel3105d ago

Hopefully, the sequel won't take as long as the first game.

mjolliffe3105d ago

Has he even given any clues as to what genre the game is in? Dear me, this is the best kept secret in gaming at the moment!

HolyOrangeCows3105d ago

Yer killin' us, Jaffe. Yer KILLIN' us.

I'm sick of these articles. I see "jaffe" and get excited and then get disappointed when it's NOT an article revealing his next game. I overall like Jaffe, he has a passion for what he does and has created some quite fun games.

jjohan353105d ago

Jaffe talks too much. Less talk, more results please.

HolyOrangeCows3105d ago

It's not that he talks too much, it's that people make too many articles based on his twitter posts.

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scruffy_bear3105d ago

Just tells us already Jaffe

frankymv3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

I mean it was supposed to be announced a while back, and he has yet to prove himself this gen (calling all cars was a bomb)....I think Jaffe better focus on announcing his game sometime this gen as well as making it better than calling all cars.

At this point its freakin annoying watching this guy try to be so secretive about a game not many people really care about.

All this guy ever does is publicly complain and whine....

lokiroo4203105d ago

He has always stated an E3 2010 reveal.

SuperM3105d ago

Ofcourse he cant announce the game until Sony says its time to announce it. Do you really not understand that game developers cant announce games as it pleases them? Its the publishers that decide when to announce a game and they announce the games when they think its best/smartest to do so. And since you seem to think so few people care about this then why do you bother posting that crap? Besides he hardly needs the whole world to care to be able to post something on his twitter page. Its only meant for the eyes that care enough to read it anyway, nomather how few they are.

kanetheking3105d ago

u might want to watch hes youtube vid he said it there

it might not be the right vid u have to find it there your self.

Idle h4nds3105d ago

I have faith in Jaffe. He creates the molds that everyone else uses which is why I think this is a new IP.

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Kakihara3105d ago

Jesus Christ, I like Jaffe but I'm sick of hearing about this damn thing. At first I was a little intrigued, now I just want it to go away. A little teasing is fine but this is way too much, this level of tease with no payoff would make a teenage emo girl with daddy issues blush.

Orange Juice3105d ago

It will be a loud day on n4g once he finally reveals what this game is. I really hope its something epic enough to live up to the hype, because if not its gonna be torn apart by a lot of hungry fanboys.

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The story is too old to be commented.