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mjolliffe3104d ago

Quite excited about this XD

RankFTW3104d ago

Yeah can't wait for Thursday.

Bolts3103d ago

I wonder what the price point for this game is. If it's anything north of $35 then it's a no no. I'm still trying to figure out if I want it on PS3 or PC.

tdrules3103d ago

its a digi distributed title...

killzowner3103d ago

PC for multiplats and PS3 for the exclusive and top-rated games (unless you want to sacrifice a minimal jump in visual quality for a larger jump in ease of access to the game and fun while playing, if so then get the ps3 version, thats how I choose :D)

DJexs3103d ago

It is 15 bucks and I love it for the pc only problem no dedicated servers

jjesso19933103d ago

has got any single player to it ?

lucifon3103d ago

Definitely a PC title. They're actively supporting it and will have dedicated servers anyday now for the PC.

E_Dawgg3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

I have it for Steam. It was 12.99, i think for pre-order and beta access. Its available now on Steam for 14.99. Great game. I am going to double dip and buy it for PS3 also, day 1.

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