No More Heroes gains Xbox 360 vs Wii video

The Lost Gamer writes:

If you're interested in seeing how much of a graphical overhaul feelplus have been able to implement with the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 version of No More Heroes has received over its Wii counterpart, then the following video will surely prove of some interest to you.

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MaN_uTd4611d ago

It's obvious who wins there

Seedhouse4611d ago

I really hope this gets a European/ North American release though =]

Gago4611d ago

wondering if i should rebuy it for 360

Redempteur4611d ago

i'm asking myself the same question

No more heroes 1 bosses were so great from start to finish ...

i might buy it again if we get an edition with all that stuff this japanese edition gets..

Gago4611d ago

wait, has this been confirmed for release in US?

cuz last i heard it was only in Japan

Smkt4611d ago

the game is good but the problem is that it feels lacking somehow since its a wii port.. you will see a lot of 4-5sec loading screens when you do the side missions or before/after any cut-scene..

SpoonyRedMage4611d ago

That isn't because it's a Wii port, the 360/PS3's loading is like twice as slow(I think one comparison had the Wii load in 15 seconds and the 360 in 29).

Mahr4611d ago

"wait, has this been confirmed for release in US?

cuz last i heard it was only in Japan"

So far, it's only been confirmed for release in Japan. Ubisoft, who brought the Wii versions of both No More Heroes games, have said they have no plans to bring it to the US, and initial Japanese sales do not provide much hope in the way of optimism for another company to pick it up anytime soon.

If you have a PS3, you can import it and play it anyway, though one should keep in mind that the PS3 version has almost all of the violence removed.

Marceles4611d ago

I like the new look, it's kinda like the difference between GTA on the DS vs. PSP/iPhone, I'll definitely get it if it comes out in the states.

Christopher4611d ago

Want this for my PS3 in NA, please :)

AEtherbane4611d ago

The HD versions look over shaded and overdone, and why is the ps3 version censored!?!?! Ill stick with the Wii version here, HD graphics don't make this game, it was meant for wii controls and thats how its best.

dgroundwater4611d ago

The voices in the English version are done so well I don't feel the need for a Japanese dub to be honest. Graphics are not even a factor with this game.

FarEastOrient4611d ago

Just in time for Playstation Move and Microsoft Natal, I wouldn't be surprised if this game sells more than the Wii counterpart.

Lightsaber4611d ago

This is one wii port I dont mind seeing.

"move/Natal" shovelports to follow

Redempteur4611d ago


No more heores paradise doesn't support MOVE or Natal , it's the controle sheme of no more heroes 2

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UltimateSanto4611d ago

Looks REALLY nice, i'm waiting for this one.

SpoonyRedMage4611d ago

I wouldn't hold ya breaths for a western release.

The game did terribly in Japan(again) and it may have had a higher budget(due to the new HD textures which are hella exensive) AND Ubisoft(who I think owns the US rights completely) said they have no interest in it.

Lionhead4611d ago

Going to import the PS3 version if I don't hear of a Western release soon.

Only $58 on Playasia last I looked and the Asia version has English text/voice.

Smkt4611d ago

dunno about the ps3 asian version... but the 360 Jap version has English menus and voices.. the ingame text and achievements are in japanese though so it's a pain to learn how to play.. but after you figure out the controls the game is fully playable..

Nitrowolf24611d ago

yup going to get it off play also if it doesn't hit states.
Got it for the Wii awesome game

SinnedNogara4611d ago

Just hoping the Wii 2 can put out this graphical power so NMH3 looks like this.

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