Kombo: Red Steel 2 Review

The one idea that sprang forth to mind when the gaming collective heard about motion controls, and the Wii specifically, was a sword fighting game. Ubisoft was the first to attempt to capitalize on the excitement over a concept with the launch release of the original Red Steel. The reception was less than warm upon release due to the myriad of problems with controlling the game. It dashed hopes of a true 1-to-1 controlled game into the ground. Then the Wii Motion Plus released with the promise of expanded control for a truer move-for-move experience. The chance for redemption was given to the developers at Ubisoft Paris to correct their mistakes of the past. Red Steel 2 (RS2) uses the Wii Motion Plus to live up to the ambition of the original game and steps into its own with some of the best uses of motions controls seen to date.

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