Thunderbolt: 3D Dot Game Heroes Review

FROM Software seems to have found its niche. While most of the gaming public probably recognizes them for the long-running Armored Core series, the studio has now gone out on a limb and tried restoring an old genre twice. Demon's Souls was last year's under-the-radar hit; a gorgeous retake on the classic dungeon crawler that reminded people how satisfying throwing controllers at the screen was. 3D Dot Game Heroes, while a totally different kind of game, follows a similar formula: take something old and try to make it new again. 3D Dot copies the best things The Legend of Zelda and its ilk had to offer back in the day. Does that style of gameplay hold up today?

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Lord_Ranos3102d ago

Looks like a AAA to me. Gonna buy it day 1.