Nintendo Life: Monster Hunter Tri Review

Monster Hunter Tri has a lot resting on its broad warrior's shoulders. An online-enabled, unashamedly hardcore title for Wii with huge amounts of advertising and hype behind it, anything less than a critical and commercial success would be a huge blow to Capcom, as well as Nintendo's never-ending crusade to market the Wii as a great console for serious gamers. Luckily for both companies, at least the quality is there.

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Myst3108d ago

Good score, yadda yadda yadda all the things you'd come to expect from me to say about a good Monster Hunter score.


I want my copy so I can play -_-

tunaks13108d ago

Awesome I heard some Walmarts and Gamestops have broken streetdate (on Gamefaqs at least) Im gonna have a look at my local gamestop