IGN's Uncharted 2: The Siege Expansion Hands-on

If you missed the Siege announcement a few weeks back, for $5.99 (EURO 5.99 / GBP 4.79), you'll get a new co-op mode called Siege, two new maps (the Highrise and the Museum), six player skins (Wetsuit Drake, Baseball Shirt Drake, etc.), and 11 new Trophies to unlock. I got to kick the tires on the final product a few days ago, and I'm sold.

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N4BmpS3108d ago

Whoa, whoa, whoa I never heard about this I'm so sold, I've never been sold on anything like right now.

The Time Reaper3108d ago

But have they fixed the broken spawning and crazy high damage model? I have no interest in UC2 MP until they fix these flaws introduced by their own patch!

Cregan45843108d ago

Damaged has not changed, and we are not the only ones that feel the way. The only way we can get it to change is to flood the comments on their blog and the forum to join the many others who want the game back to 1.04 (before they changed the damage level).

Spawns were updated today, according to the ND blog. I submit it as a news story, waiting for approval. Time will tell.....

The Time Reaper3108d ago

How unfortunate. All they had to do was change the TIME it took to toss a grenade (so you can't insta-drop one at your feet). But they basically CoD-ified the entire game and made it a campfest. So disappointing, it was easily my favorite online title.

Cregan45843108d ago

Couldn't agree more. Naughty Dog did two beta's for the MP. Modern Warfare did zero. They had the game perfect at launch. My only gripe was adding a timer to nades. But, they went against the player base and changed the game to be more like modern warfare.

Dnied3108d ago

The Nepal/hotel map looks and sounds amazing :D

drdre743108d ago

I like the way damage is now.The way it was before the matches took wayyyyy too long and you didnt get as many kills. I want to get my 2000 kills trophy sometime this year lol! Spawning yeah was messed up but they just released a patch today so maybe its fixed. I love the new maps looks like its going to be fun so long as you get a match with people that play team work.

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