HookedGamers: Fallout: New Vegas Preview

For a lot of Fallout fans, Fallout 3 was not Fallout. It was Bethesda's Post-Apocalyptic RPG and nothing more. For people who were introduced to Fallout through Bethesda's effort, Fallout 3 is their Fallout. How do you make a compromise? How do you try to get Fallout 1 & 2 fans interested, while not losing the fanbase that arose with Fallout 3? Here's how - Fallout: New Vegas. Hand over development duties to Obsidian Entertainment, a studio with former Fallout leads, while sticking to the engine and gameplay mechanics that defined Fallout 3's gameplay. It is the kind of compromise that has the potential to give way to new possibilities, and that's enough of a reason for all kinds of Fallout fans to get excited for New Vegas.

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