Uncharted 2 Spawn Point Updates Coming This Week

"We've spent the last several weeks since the previous spawn updates working on and testing a comprehensive new spawning system that we hope will make a marked improvement in preventing unfair spawns-or surprisingly opportunistic spawns, depending on which side you're on. We're eagerly waiting to see how the system works when thoroughly strained by real-world match conditions." - Naughty Dog

Naughty Dog updated the page to tell us the spawn point changes will go live with update 1.07, which hits us before April 22nd.

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-Alpha3106d ago

How about giving back the non-COD formula of gameplay?

It's not too hard to have a crushing playlist for those that want it but why did you have to remove the original gameplay?

electricshadow3106d ago

I was about to say that. Oh good, they kept the crappy health "update" unchanged. I don't even play this game anymore and I won't until they change it. Seriously, just add a "crushing" mode and a regular mode. But, thanks ND for appealing to people who whine about how it's too hard to get a kill. I remember having the FAL was actually a good thing. With the 15% required more time between the three round burst, it's useless against the the AK-47. You can easily kill someone with the AK-47 within two seconds.

The Time Reaper3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Agreed. All they had to change from 1.04 was the TIME it took to toss a nade, to lessen cheapness. Now the gameplay is just a weak campfest. My FAVORITE online title, ruined.

I'm so utterly sick of pandering to casuals because "everyone deserves a kill."

Storm233106d ago

So happy they are updating the spawn points. It is so frustrating to be on a good run and have someone spawn right behind you and kill you. Not cool. Let's hope this works because I love this game.

Tdmd3106d ago

Sorry for the dumb question guys, but what has changed in relation to the health? Whats the issue here or the COD formula of gameplay? I'm only asking 'cuse I've never played any COD (I dislike FPS games) and I'm new to Uncharted 2 online, so I dont have any clue of what are everyone complaing about. :|

electricshadow3106d ago

They made it to cater to the casual crowd. Before, it took skill to get a kill, now, they decreased the health for each character so much that it doesn't take any skill to get a kill anymore. It's all about who sees who first. It's such a mess.

-Alpha3105d ago

If you are new you wont notice is at much but players who've been playing since the beginning have pretty much been sold down the river for a more casual crowd.

The gameplay of covering, climbing, etc. is ruined too. Nobody wants to traverse the landscape because its much easier to get shot down.

Too busy to play UC2 these days but a lot of people are upset with it. As great as ND is they are doing poorly handling what the fans want.