Black Box Have Skate 3 DLC Plans

Developer and subsidiary of EA Canada, Black Box Games have confirmed that their up-and-coming release Skate 3 will support DLC.

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SpaceSquirrel4675d ago

I wonder what kind of DLC will it be. I hope most of it is free.

mjolliffe4675d ago

They could be loved if they get some free, yet great DLC out there! And none of these small, weekly skin updates or whatever; give me new places to skate in.

And I wasn't really interested in Skate 3, until I played the demo! It's extremely fun XD

SpaceSquirrel4675d ago

Yea, I hope the DLC is more than just extra skins as well.

Man In Black4675d ago

Skate 2 had dlc that unlocked extra render effects for the replay mode, which were all in the original game from day 1. But what did anyone expect? It's EA, and despite the fact that their games are much better than a few years ago, their dlc plans still piss me off.

KiRBY30004675d ago

instead of unlocking stuff yourself by playing it...

so much for downloadable CONTENT.

Yi-Long4675d ago

... so once again, I'll just wait a few months (at least) before I get it for a nice bargain-price or second-hand, if I'm still interested in the game by then.

I don't play the DLC-milking game.

glennc4675d ago

i happily paid for the DLC in skate 2. the filmer pack not only gave you extra camera functionality, but it gave you more replay save time online. this way the people that wanted it cvould use it and the people that didnt care didn't. they also released more places to skate from number 1. this was also cool. the only thig i didnt get was the whole game unlock as i didnt need it.

but hey, i love this game.

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MiamiACR4675d ago

One of the few titles to support DLC plans this year, can't wait.

hazelamy4675d ago

another day, another developer planning dlc before they've even finished the game.
was a time when games would be finished first then, and only then, they would start working on adding extra content to sell.

R_A_LEE204675d ago

Skate 2 had DLC so i can't see why 3 won't.

Great news btw. And since its an EA game it will probably have first hand buys DLC inside the case as well.

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