Trine Gets Free DLC, 75% Off Sale

Frozenbyte has released a new update for its puzzle platformer Trine, adding the free DLC level 'Path to a New Dawn', now available for download. To celebrate the game has been slashed down to just $5 on Steam through the week.

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Nakiro3108d ago

What about the PS3 version, do we get the update eventually as well.. wouldn't mind an extra level.

GodsHand3108d ago

Yeah me too, especially after paying $20 for it, before it went on sale to $15. Steam users can get for $5, pretty good game especially for that price.

Hellsvacancy3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Id like the dlc aswel (PS3) "come on Sony make it happen"

Qui-Gon Jim3108d ago

I was thinking about getting this or Braid, then Braid went half price, then Trine went half price. neener neener neeeeenner.

yog-sothot3108d ago

Trine was such a good surprise last year !

I hope the DLC will come to the PS3 soon... And I'd like a true sequel too

venum3108d ago

Yes indeed, it was a so nice surprise! It's a good value. It worth the money!