Final Fantasy Agito XIII and 3rd Birthday Director Provides Status Updates

Andriasang: Hajime Tabata is director of Final Fantasy Agito XIII and The 3rd Birthday. With two highly anticipated PSP titles under his watch, he's got to be one busy man. In fact, according to Square Enix producer Shinji Hashimoto at the Square Enix Members Twitter, he's "the most busy director right now."

But Tabata was able to find some time to field a couple of questions on these two games for the Square Enix Members Twitter. This is the latest in a series of mini developer interview sessions which have, of late, been our only way to get updates about Square Enix's biggest upcoming games.

Tabata first provided an update on The 3rd Birthday, a sequel in the Parasite Eve series. Since the start of the year, the game's development has moved into full production mode. He describes the staff as "cream of the crop" and says that they're producing a game that will exceed expectations. "We should have the chance to show it off it shortly."

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Marceles3495d ago

2 games I'm looking forward too and wish they were released digitally :(, I hope they change their mind about Kingdom Hearts being UMD only

NateNater3495d ago

Yea I hope they release KH as a downloadable version too. If PSPgo sales were better I think Sony would have added a lot more games to their downloadable game library than there are now.

Marceles3495d ago

yeah I know, I kinda wish that they showed they wanted the sales to be better by releasing everything digitally. I'm sure that would increase sales if they brought some more good PSOne classics and more good PSP games to the PS store. Crisis Core is a big one that's missing.

Noctis Aftermath3495d ago

So going by this, 3rd birthday will release first?

Glad to see them release some more info, how long has it been since the last update?

rezzah3495d ago

Lol its been so long since i last heard of this game, glas to see its still around. cant wait for its' release.

mephman3495d ago

It's about time they actually had some new information.

Dsnyder3495d ago

It gets harder and harder to tell in every game..,

Dutch Boogie3495d ago

lol i agree, that was my exact thoughts. You would think they would take a different character design approach after all these years.

midgard2273495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

ff13 the men looked like men, all of them, with exception of blue haaired dude in nora.

and i rather them look the way they do with nomura's style over the hideous crap designs that were ff12's.

just my opinion :P.

u cud go sameway with weestern games, "isnt the dude from resistance an just one of the forms of cole from infamous, star killer from star wars, guy from red faction, guy from mass effect (default) and ummm almost every guy in a game this gen?

joemayo763495d ago

never noticed that +bubbles

on topic: great news think i'm gunna have to pull out the ol' parasite eve 2 game and give it a go now

midgard2273495d ago

yeah lol, was easy for me to figure since i worked at gamecrazy for 2 years, i played so many games free lol and me and my bud wud joke about it.

parasite eve is amazing, and honestly im lookin forward to it more than agito. i cnt wait, i miss aya's adventures, tho i liked the first one better 2nd was still building in part 1 was freakin tuff lol

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