Killzone 2 producer talks Move at demo showcase

Kyle Shubel, producer of Killzone 2, talks briefly about the functions of PlayStation Move controller and gives a brief introduction on how it works.

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Dude Dutch3102d ago

This is really sweet, looks promising !

The future is black...... Playstation black

AndrewE3102d ago

it does especially when it shows one of the Zipper dudes playing.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

Seth Luisi is working with Zipper? He is not working with Slant Six?

arakouftaian3102d ago

To bad 3d tvs are to expensve
bu if a game will make me buy one it will
be KZ and The Last Guardian

adamthecarolla3102d ago

looking forward to the move. loved wii motes so it will be interesting

cmrbe3102d ago

Having both though optional would be dope.

Dellis3102d ago

Dildo Killzone??? oh hell no keep that away

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