First Look: Wii's Classic Controller Pro vs. DUALSHOCK 3 Controller

Starting tomorrow, the updated version of the Classic Controller for the Nintendo Wii will be made available to the public.

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Myst3109d ago

*Bites into a pillow from all the suspense of waiting*

I want to play Monster Hunter Tri using this controller now! :< !

On a more serious note it looks to be a bit bigger than the DS3 by a small margin, but overall I'm glad Nintendo went back and re-did the Classic Controller. It wasn't horrible per say, but it left a lot to be desired.

Redempteur3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

take a deep breath !!!

Guys guys nuri is going to snap !!

Give him his medecine .... FAST !

We have a potential serial monster killer HERE

SpoonyRedMage3109d ago

Well the CC Pro had input from the MH team to make it ideal for the game as well!

Can't wait to get hold of it on friday.

MightyMark4273109d ago

the controller feels great in the hands but the fingerprint-magnet is a turn-off

Myst3108d ago

@Redempteur: It's quite possible lol. Just came from GS to verify that I did pay off everything even though I knew had to make sure :p

Also no to deep breaths :(.

Redempteur3108d ago

i know it happenned to me on some games ..checking the mail box every 10 minutes untill the letters arrive to check if my game arrived finalement tear the cellopan and inserting the disc into the console ... that kind of wait ..

(unfortunatly someone , didn't get my first joke )[disagree fairy again ?]

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LordMarius3109d ago

They just like to copy each other

SpoonyRedMage3109d ago

Except the CC Pro isn't a Dualshock copy. It's the normal CC(AKA SNES pad with analogs and some extra buttons) with prongs.

Which actually makes it all the more obvious that the Playstation controller was a copy of the SNES pad(and then the dualshock came about because they copied rumble and analog control from the N64).

LoaMcLoa3109d ago

Can you press the analogsticks, just like the PS3 controller?

nepeon3108d ago

I don't think its a Sony wannabe Because Nintendo has done hand grips in the past and were the first to add L and R buttons. Also Nintendo had show cased the N64 would have a joystick and rumble before Sony Controllers had them. But Sony saw what Nintendo was doing and beat them to the market with two joysticks. Nintendo has every right to design this controller style because Sony has copied Nintendo from the start. Oh and hell ya I'm getting this with the Bundle of Monster Hunter Tri.