IncGamers Review: Yakuza 3

IncGamers' Tim McDonald puts his hair into a punch perm and swaggers down to Kamurocho.

From the review: "Following the traumatic events of Yakuza 2, ageing ex-Yakuza Kazuma has retired to Okinawa to run an orphanage while wearing a hilariously incongruous Hawaiian shirt. Naturally, his hopes for an idyllic life don't quite go according to plan as it's not long before politics and organised crime conspire to once more get him back in his suit and back on the streets of fictional Tokyo district Kamurocho."

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Leord3103d ago

Good score for the game.

AndyA3103d ago

I love Yakuza games, but the demo left me cold. Everything just feels so... old.

Maticus3103d ago

What on earth is a punch perm??