Splinter Cell: Conviction iPhone, iPod Touch Screenshots

Splinter Cell: Conviction is already out for the Xbox 360 and about to hit the PC. Somewhere down the line it'll arrive on the iPhone and iPod Touch as well. New screenshots reveal what the mobile version of the stealth-action game will look like.

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pimpmaster3500d ago

anyone one else pefer the 2d version to this?i remember playing the splintercells on my nokia 6600 and they were really gonna assume this will be similar to the ternimator game gameloft made on iphone :(. imo a great 2d game is better than a half assed 3d one, specially when your talking about cellphone tech. with that said, anyone know if theres a way to play the 2d splintercell conviction on iphone? like a java emulator or something.