Jaffe, "It's an honor to be published by Sony's first party"

The Lost Gamer writes:

David Jaffe, Game Designer and Director at Eat Sleep Play, has commented today on working exclusively for both Sony and the PlayStation platform, revealing that it is "honor to be published by Sony's 1st party."

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cobraagent4611d ago (Edited 4611d ago )

Of course its an honour. Playstation is the most historic brand of consoles that continues to exist and to make games intended for the gaming audience(unline Nintendo).In order to be published by Sony's 1st party you clearly have to be one of the best developpers out there. Naughty Dog,Guerilla Games, Media Molecule and many more, all belong to Sony's Worldwide Studios

El_Colombiano4611d ago

Truth is being spoken here people.

LordMarius4611d ago (Edited 4611d ago )

what about Slant Six or Zipper, lol....

Montrealien4611d ago

the playstation brand is more historic then nintendo? yeah, I don`t think so...

cobraagent4611d ago (Edited 4611d ago )

Could I ask you what type of games Ninteno is currently publishing? If they continued making games for hardcore gamers i would admit that its the most historic brand.

Montrealien4611d ago

what does the vague hardcore gamer label have to do with the history of videogames? Nintendo have had a much bigger inpact to videogames history then Sony has, in fact it could easdily be argued that if it where not for Nintendo, the Playstation would of never existed as we know it today.

-MD-4611d ago

I think it's safe to say Nintendo has more history than Sony Playstation.

Elven64611d ago

Quantic Dream is a third party company, only HR was published by Sony but I don't think one game is really enough to claim a developer is second party especially considering the other two titles they made were multiplatform.

cobraagent4611d ago

Thats true, but what is Nintendo currently doing? Nothing. Thats why I said Playstation is the most historic brand that keeps making games like it always does(ps1,ps2,psp)

Montrealien4611d ago (Edited 4611d ago )

What is Nintendo curently doing? really? That`s your argument? and if I understand this corectly, Sony is more historic because it keeps making games? I may be wrong but I am pretty sure Nintendo did not stop making games.

this is getting weirder by the post.

cobraagent4611d ago

I added a small parenthesis in my comment and i think its now correct

Montrealien4611d ago

nope, it still makes no sense.

cobraagent4611d ago

Then perhaps we will need to define "history" before we move on to further discussion

Montrealien4611d ago (Edited 4611d ago )

are you serious? At least you just admited you have no idea what you are talking about. Nintendo has a longer history then Sony. End of story.


xTruthx4611d ago

Dont know how Murderdolls got disagrees lol xD

Aphe4611d ago

'Playstation is the most historic brand of consoles that continues to exist and to make games intended for the gaming audience(unline Nintendo)'

*scratches head*

What does that even mean?

2Spock4611d ago

Man oh man....You can call Sony a name brand or whatever you want. But you can not call it the most historic. When in my eyes atari, nintendo and sega is in line before Sony. And to call GG and MM as the best dev's i clearly disagree ND yes i agree but the other 2 no way.

And on to topic, Jaffe really needs to shut up i have seen enough of him lately is almost getting as irritating as Cliffy B.

Tarasque4611d ago

Man funny how i am just sitting here watching you agree's just go up for some random reason. Are you Jaffe's ball washer?

midgard2274611d ago

arguing about who makes more history?

ive been with sony since ps1 and i support them currently as the ps3 and psp r my most used consoles BUT that does not change that nintendo is the most known brand when it comes to games, as much as i dislike the 64, GC and wii when a person on the street who has no knowledge of gaming speaks of games they refer to nintendo.

nintendo started most of us playin videogames, thats y they r historic, now not to say that sony isnt historic, it is obviously the 2nd most well known console brand and both have wild success so no reason to argue over this stuff guys lol.

u guys r funny :D

everything from atari to 360's fail rate is a piece of history in gaming history.

now if ya wanna talk popularity thats different, and prbly still goes to nintendo sadly lol

Simon_Brezhnev4611d ago

lmao @ midgard227

He's right though

Str8laced4611d ago

Well it's funny Cliffy B. is in the media alot and runs his yapper, but he also put's out a game every couple of years. What has this douche done in the last 10.

BloodyNapkin4611d ago

ROFL.....Yeah calling all car's. What a complete waste of time. I got it free from qore and played and felt like sony should give me money for wasting my time with that piece of crap.

PshycoNinja4611d ago (Edited 4611d ago )

He has made God of War, Twisted Metal: Black, Twisted Metal: Head On, helped with design on God of War 2, and Calling All Cars. He has done a lot more than Cliffy B in the past 10 years.

Edit: so I got disagrees for stating FACTS?

webeblazing4611d ago

they take care of they people and really care about the gaming industry but they dont have more history then nintendo and even tho nin. dont have as many 1st party as sony they take this serious and they give they fan what they want they franchises they grew up on and love its not they fault 3rd party cant touch there 1st party games its was a different console from the start.

vhero4611d ago

He is a great dev and Sony are no doubt glad to have him on board for a game.

jony_dols4611d ago

If you have the greatest console of all time,
then i think that will qualify your brand as the most recognisable.

Just because Mario is the most recognisable videogame character, doesn't mean that the nintendo consoles are

pimpmaster4611d ago

its an honor to be aside such great titles such as lair and haze.

Perkel4611d ago (Edited 4611d ago )

@ above

Lair was a good game. Till this day i think controls were vgood.
And i played actually HAZE. Graphic was sometimes sh*ty sometimes OMG, story was generic. But overall gameplay was good. And you could play whole campain splitscreen.

IMO Sony is now/was shaping industry, ofc not by themselfs but ps1/ps2 games were just nailing what game should look like.

Sony showed with their consoles that arcade gaming is past.

exnihilonihilfit4611d ago

Being widely distributed and being iconic. Nintendo is the most iconic videogame company, and one with a longer and richer history than any other company in the business. I have never owned a Nintendo, it's always been Genesis, PS1, PS2, PS3... still if we played word associations, if you said video game to me, I'd say Nintendo. PS2 may have sold more than any one system, but all Nintendo systems sales outnumber all sony systems sales throughout time (handhelds play a huge part in that). Nintendo also does a better job of advertising. Nintendo gets referenced more by media outlets. I'll admit, I wouldn't have bought strictly sony consoles if I didn't believe that Sony was the better console maker, developer and publisher, but I still give credit where credit is due, and Nintendo deserves a lot of credit. I still love Nintendo games and characters, because even though I didn't have a Nintendo, all my friends did. At the end of the day though, that doesn't change the fact, that at this point, Nintendo really does appear to be for kids and casuals, and as an adult, I'm more inclined towards Sony than ever before.

Sitdown4611d ago

"Thats true, but what is Nintendo currently doing? Nothing. "

How in the world do you even begin to ask that question, when Sony is in the processing of bringing out a controller that mimics the soul of the wii. I enjoy Sony and all, but come on....unless you have stock in them, there is no need to live and die for them....but even then that is questionable.

ZombieAutopsy4611d ago

If it wasnt for NIN their would be a Playstation so i'd have to give it up to NIN as the most historic because they spawned their own worst enemy through backstabbing. IMO NIN has went way down hill since the N64 (in the game department), the last game published or developed by NIN that i liked was prolly Goldeneye 007.

Go Sony and your 1st party studios, keep pumping out great game after great game and i'll keep giving you my money.

IdleLeeSiuLung4611d ago

Historic suggest active time line so I would say Nintendo. It doesn't matter how popular you are, but even then Nintendo trumps the nearest competitor.

DelbertGrady4611d ago (Edited 4611d ago )

Yes. Sony won the history war. *facepalm*

@IdleLeeSiuLung - Even Sega were around longer than Sony, with their four generations of consoles. But let's ignore facts and turn everything into a competition where Sony must always come out on top. The ignorance.

Gothdom4611d ago (Edited 4611d ago )

While I agree that many people forget facts, Soda is as low as them. And he has no right to call anyone on their ignorance.

I would tell him more, but he put me on his ignore list.

N4BmpS4611d ago (Edited 4611d ago )

Considering that Nintendo was founded in 1889 it is more historic than Sony on a business and gaming front. On the scale of popularity in the gaming industry it's still more popular but to the hardcore crowd it lost it's appeal. In addition to the article regardless of Jaffe has made in the past 10 years(God of War,T.Metal: Black, Calling All Cars)he is still a great developer. Personally I wouldn't mind if Cliffy B. and David J. made a game together but the only problem would be is it's exclusivity since Jaffe is under contract with Sony. So it'll never happen :(

Edit: @ Soda: were you trying to refer to yourself as ignorant? It's not always about your history, Henry Ford once said "the only history that's worth a tinker's dam is the history we make today" (that's the shortened version).

@ Gothdom: yea soda is lower at least Sony has a reputable history. Radio repair shop - multi-billion dollar(yearly) mecha company is history.

bjornbear4611d ago (Edited 4611d ago )

just because Sony is a fantastic game's company, doesn't mean Nintendo isn't

they are both historic, nintendo being older starting up as a playing card company like..120 years ago =O but sony also have their legacy.

awesomeness isn't exclusive to one company.

you are making a mountain out of a tea cup...or is it...bah

IdleLeeSiuLung4611d ago

"@IdleLeeSiuLung - Even Sega were around longer than Sony, with their four generations of consoles. But let's ignore facts and turn everything into a competition where Sony must always come out on top. The ignorance."

I'm confused? Why are you talking about Sony, when I'm talking about Nintendo?

I'm saying Nintendo is probably the most historic game company because they have been active in the console industry the longest. Atari is probably among the longest running companies active in the video game industry. So depending on what you define game as, in video games or consoles....

Abriael4611d ago (Edited 4611d ago )

Nintendo may have a longer history in the gaming market, but their games never really evolved from the eighties, so I would say that their impact on gaming history, growth and evolution has been inferior than Sony's, and mind you, even Microsoft's.

When did Nintendo last create a new character for their games? Nintendo fanboys are still stuck headbutting bricks, FFS.

In any case, if it was for Nintendo, we'd be still playing games on cartdriges.

YogiBear4611d ago

Are you really that daft? Of course Nintendo has a longer history. I side with cobra on this one. Look at Nintendo's past and the games they have brought to the world. Zelda, Mario, Duck Hunt etc... What cobra is saying is look at the games they publish now. Jenny Mccarthy's Shape Up, Pizza Delivery Boy, Build a Bear: Friendship Valley. Should I go on? Obviously Nintendo still has a big hand in games but look at the product they are putting out there. It's shovelware nothing more and nothing less.

pixelsword4610d ago

Something that is historic is important in history... or can be thought of as relevant and significant in terms of it's time at in respect of the future.

It doesn't have to be older to be more relevant.

Are you guys serious?

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Raoh4611d ago

wait that's not his real twitter account is it? is this another fake account?

MaN_uTd4611d ago

Its real, its on his website

Elven64611d ago

@davidscottjaffe is his new account, he closed @djaffe

Elven64611d ago

So many disagrees for the truth? Someone must be angry...

SuperStrokey11234611d ago

Why the hell did you get disagrees?

DelbertGrady4611d ago

I suspect Jaffe has more than one Twitter account.

Raoh4611d ago


i looked up his twitter and it showed up as deleted..

not a good look deleting your account and creating a new one..

I got a lot of love for David Jaffe and I respect his games but he's been doing a lot of talking, imagine how much he will do when he finally releases a game this gen

Karum4611d ago

He does do a lot of talking but show me someone with a twitter account and a blog that doesn't.

I like how he engages with the community and it's cool hearing his opinion sometimes. He's actually more entertaining that a good 95% of the pathetic games "journalists" these days.

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chidori6664611d ago (Edited 4611d ago )

you are welcome jaffe.. thank you jaffe for make games like

twisted metal and god of war series for playstation consoles.

proud in ps3 owner here.

BloodyNapkin4611d ago

He hasn't made anything for the PS3 though. He was in on the original GOW not 2 or 3. And made what 2 twisted metal games.

DlocDaBudSmoka4611d ago

calling all cars. jaffe made that for ps3.

BloodyNapkin4611d ago

Yeah i forgot about that one as i did in the gaming zone. But should that really count?

Aphe4611d ago (Edited 4611d ago )


Kyur4ThePain4611d ago

You seem to have a lot of Nintendo issues on your mind. Might i suggest you take those to the Nintendo section of this site?

Aphe4611d ago

The first post in here is the the first one to mention Nintendo, maybe you should point that out as well.

2Spock4611d ago

Wow this coming from someone with a apple pic.....ROFL. Well you seem to have a problem reading cause the first guy posting threw Nintendo under the bus, so you assume people should just shut up and not take up for Nintendo cause it's in a Playstation article. Sonyfanboys is going to be their own demise and yes you are one cause you have 9 bubbles. Cause with comments like that you shouldnt have any bubbles.

Montrealien4611d ago

yeah, I have Nintendo issues. You got me!


TresTrendu4611d ago

Awesome another apple person just got burned.

nycredude4611d ago

I fail to see how what the first person view on Nintendo is throwing Nintento udner the Bus. It seems pretty spot on to me. I consider myself a pretty avid gamer with over 100 games between the Ps3, xbox 360, Psp, and the Ps2. However not much out of Nintendo these days interest me.

While this may just be my taste, the proof is in the pudding. Just look at the sales of second and third party games on the Wii these days, despite the huge install base they sell like shiat! Nintendo almost always have the smallest and lamest game conferences each year.

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