Gameztraffic: God of War III Review

Ganeztraffic writes: "God of War 3, the final instalment the grand ending to an epic tale. That's what we were told, read the countless reviews and you'll no doubt see phrases like 'It's so close to 10/10' and 'Almost perfect' but after playing the game to its completion then again to find more of the items, I cant help but feel underwhelmed by the whole experience."

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SasanovaS19873496d ago

reviewer is a tool. it isnt a 7.9 game, no matter how u look at it. ur lying to yourself and ur fellow bots. you dont deserve an opinion, because its obviously flawed by your exceptionally low levels of IQ. go back into your hole

lokiroo4203496d ago

It sounds like a review of other reviews, terrible.

raztad3496d ago

gameztraffic wants traffic :D. Nice try. Thankfully 1.1+m wont be fooled by this "review".

Basil-Rathboner3496d ago

Try switching the numbers around and you will get closer to what this games score should be.