Guardian: Monster Hunter Tri Review

Tri is the Wii version of the long running Japanese action/strategy game that was previously found on Sony's PSP handheld console. Those who have played older Monster Hunter games will remember the intense challenge the series offers. Ostensibly a role-playing-game, Monster Hunter sets you the task of chatting to village locals before heading into the wilderness to seek out and dispatch hundreds of different "monsters".

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Myst3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

They also forgot to mention that the game was also on the PS2, also the learning curve is still quite steep even when online as the monsters are generally tougher. Not to mention that most players are unforgiving most of the time (at least from what I witnessed in Ad-hoc party).

Not quite the in-depth review some might come to expect but it gets to the heart of the matter and that is all that matters I suppose. Either way Tomorrow finally! -- tired of playing the demo now..

[edit] Why 3/5 :|?

akashifire3499d ago

It was too hardcore for the reviewer, lol. At least he acknowledges it:

"Less committed gamers, used to quick rewards and constant praise, should steer clear. But if you are well stocked in all three then you can add at least a star to the score – Monster Hunter Tri is ready to suck up your gaming and social life."

SpoonyRedMage3499d ago

Well it seems Tri will be a lot of people's first Monster Hunter experience so I think peole will be a bit more forgiving and if not they're douches.:P

rezzah3499d ago

I know why.

This is one of those games which you either love or hate, there no inbetween. However this is a reveiwer, and I'm sure he or she knows how well known and loved this series is by the fans. So they probably did not want to give it a realy bad score (2) abd just went with the lowest score that woulndt be good or bad...thus you get the middle score or least highest score without getting bashed.

Myst3499d ago

@SpoonyRedMage: Yeah I'll be forgiving as much as possible, but eeeh in the latter parts of the games there is very little sometimes...:p

@rezzah: Very true and nicely put.

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LoaMcLoa3499d ago

Will wait for the Gametrailers review

Myze3499d ago

No offense meant, but do you seriously trust Gametrailers over any other review? GT is probably one of the worst in my eyes. Good site for videos and exclusives, but they have pretty bad taste much of the time. Any site that gives Modern Warfare 2 GOTY over UC2, DS, Batman, AC2, etc. gets no respect in my book.

Drithe3499d ago

This game should have been on the PS3. This game will BOMB on the Nintendo Wii. Then they will hurry thier asses off to get it in some form on the ps3. Mark these words down.

End of Line.

execution173499d ago

so is my bro

= 2 whole sales :O next to the thousands its probably gonna sell

BannedForNineYears3499d ago

Wii game getting low scores? Who knew?!

swice3499d ago

Why don't you actually try reading the review to see why he gave it a 3/5 instead of trying to turn this thread into a Wii bashing?

Shendow3499d ago

That is the score I would give it, maybe lower, I couldn't stand the game an its poor controls.

I played the demo an after 4mins I broken the disc an threw it away, theirs a small list of Wii games I like an most of them are Mario an Zelda, but this was the worst Wii game I played (Played, theirs game far worst then this).

Shoko3499d ago


1) You were using the WiiRemote and Nunchuck like a dumbass instead of using a Classic Controller


2) The game was too hardcore for you since you're just a brainless frag-head who likes to do nothing but run-and-gun.

Myst3499d ago

@Shoko: The game shouldn't have been that hard honestly, at least compared to the weapons that are giving out to the weapons that will probably be gained when you first get to those 'bosses'

@Shendow: Best to list what control scheme you were using. As Shoko said if you were using the Wiimote and Nunchuk the experience isn't all that good.

Shendow3499d ago

Can't use anything else but that, mostly dude to it being my gf's system.


To hardcore? Really? Sorry I wouldn't even put any Wii game as hardcore or say it is hard, this isn't a NES where alot of the games are hard and for hardcore gamers like me. Lame reason if you ask me.

Myst3498d ago

Ah that's the problem. Yeah the Wiimote is not the best control option for this game. If at all possible get the Classic Controller or perhaps the Classic Controller pro now.

AWBrawler3498d ago

I actually prefer the wiimote and nunchuck and I have a classic control.He just didnt like it cause its on the Wii. its a downright shame that people like him will try to say anything to belittle a Wii game.
Sure Wii remote and nunchuck setup may not be for everyone, but its not worth snapping the demo disc.

Shendow3498d ago

Not true, I just don't like it, I kind of like the first one for PS2 but didn't really care for it an even the PSP ones didn't get me into it. This game is one of those games I think should have been done better or not done on Wii.

It doesn't even use the Wii plus, so what is the point of having it on the Wii?

AWBrawler3494d ago

Brawl doesn't use motion plus, neither does Metroid prime corruption, mario galaxy, world of goo, The Conduit, Sakura Wars, a Boy and his Blob, and many others, but they still good games.

Shendow3493d ago

Any we wonder why it doesn't move the way you move your hands.

It just shows Wii Plus has no support for it an their is only one game even good for it.

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