Molyneux: "Natal is challenging because it's so different"

OXM: Lionhead chief Peter Molyneux has told OXM that Natal is challenging "because it's so different." , "There isn't any buttons and that's both its strength and its big challenge..."

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MiamiACR3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

I hope with natal he can truly capture the essence of rubbing cold hard golden coins over your naked body, if he pulls it off it will be a first day buy for me.

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omegaheat3503d ago

Don't be naive enough to believe the comments made by gamers in forums. If you understood the technology behind Natal, you would not compare it to the PSeye. Those who believe such nonsense are obviously biased individuals who want the product to fail. It's definitely a warm welcome from core gamers and casual gamers. It's been getting so much attention lately because it's going to be a different experience. The Nintendo Wiimote is 4 years old now, and Sony has built on improving the controller in every way except making it easier for non-traditional gamers to pick up and play. Move is the Playstation3 controller broken in half now being able to recognize gesture movements. One problem though, there's still a million buttons on the damn thing that would deter any gamer that wears dresses or has cashed in their 401K plan. Let's face it, the Wiimote became reknown because of it's simplicity even with it's lack of a broad gaming library. If you didn't have Wii Play or Wii Sports, what purpose did the Nintendo Wii serve to core gamers? Now with the Natal trying to dance to the beat of its own drum, the Xbox360 has something that separates it from the others by being both core and casual right out of the box, if the rumors are true of a relaunch of the console with a new design bundled with the Natal. These are great times to be gamers. There all fighting for our money.

Greywulf3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

"Don't be naive enough to believe the comments made by gamers in forums. If you understood the technology behind Natal, you would not compare it to the PSeye." Believe your eyes, not Peter Monelux until he can prove any of his statements hes made in the past (which he cant).

Why cant I a person, look at all of Natals amazing videos, aka twisted avatars, burnout, and hitting a red ball, and come to the conclusion that all its shown is gesture control. You can already scan things with the eyepet and interact, as well as do augmented reality.

Should people say "ok so we've seen exactly whats been done by technology before, mainly Sony, but lets ignore that because Microsoft claims its different."



Its getting attention based on advertising... not because no one has seen hitting a ball before. Unless, thats what you really believe? That Casuals have no concept of Webcam games?

It caters to what casual audience? The GIGANTIC casual audience thats made the Wii #1? Microsoft hasn't stumbled upon some untapped market here. Natal is flailing your arms in the living room, and making up an excuse you can use the controller too (which defeats controllerless control -- no one gets this though ). For some reason, the Wii folks have decided to buy the Wii with its dated technology..

All Natal is right now, is speculation, and tech everyone has seen. In Practice(actual demos).

whateva3503d ago

PlayStation move is not only crazy precise, it’s also got what we in the future call “buttons,” which turn out to be pretty important to those handful of millions of people who enjoy playing a shooter or platformers or, well, anything that doesn’t involve catching a big red ball