Red Steel 2 U.S. Sales At 50,000, Expert Says [UPDATE]

The Wii-only and well-reviewed samurai Western Red Steel 2 sold about 50,000 copies in the U.S. in March, its first month of release, according to financial analyst Michael Pachter. [UPDATE: Ubisoft comments.]

That follows a halving by publisher Ubisoft of its sales projections for the game. The previous Red Steel, a first-person shooter/sword-fighting game like its sequel, has sold more than a million copies.

The difference between the two Red Steels is not just critical reaction - the first was panned - but a few years. Red Steel, the first Wii game ever revealed, via the cover of Game Informer magazine, was a 2006 Wii launch title.

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N4g_null3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

No one cares how much it sells. The game rocks, you guys just wanted it ported because you know it rocks. What is funny is acting like it doesn't rock on the wii will make them not port it LOL. They are digging their own motion controlled grave.

What is funny is just dance will make up for this game.... can ubi really say that about HD gaming nope.......................... ....
What you see as trash has people having fun and it keeps the hardcore games funded. On the HD consoles devs will die...

Seriously an upscaler or a better tv is the solution and really their is no excuse not to have a better HDtv most of you will have to get one for 3dHD gaming any way LOL. I'm telling HD gaming is designed to milk you and you guys are feeling the pain for sure.

Any way the fans of the other platforms have made up their minds on what they like and they don't like different. COD or halo that is all and online death match or some variant.

On top of this developers are not as gullible kotaku... Lots of people have lost there job. sites like kotaku are the reason why.... they make gaming some thing it has never been and failed at doing so. It just defaulted back to PC gamers... no one wants true story games any more it seems, we want game play not some tangent of that.

kissmeimgreek3496d ago

or maybe people care about how much it sells because it could mean a comeback for hardcore wii games (which it obviously doesnt). Since hardcore games are selling so little, Devs will be less likely to make them and so yes, sales do matter.

Elven63496d ago

Just Dance will make up for the title and show Ubisoft they shouldn't make games like Red Steel anymore but more games like Just Dance, enjoy!

HolyOrangeCows3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

No, no, no.

When a game sells a million copies, THEN no one "cares" how many copies it sells. BUT when a rarity such as a hardcore Wii title that also BETTER than it's predecessor only sells 50,000, then there's something to worry about.

"Seriously an upscaler or a better tv is the solution and really their is no excuse not to have a better HDtv most of you will have to get one for 3dHD gaming any way LOL. I'm telling HD gaming is designed to milk you and you guys are feeling the pain for sure"
BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh my - You are mixed up.
You talk like game publishers get money from television sales.
And like 3DTVs will be mandatory.
And did you seriously suggest that a better upscaler will make 480i Wii games look comparable to HD console games?

"On the HD consoles devs will die"
Tell that to the several Nintendo developers that went under last year.


Mahr3496d ago

"BETTER than it's predecessor"

That's not saying much.

wicko3496d ago

Isn't this expected? You make a crappy game the first time, people aren't going to rush out to buy its sequel. Especially when that sequel has had less attention.

N4g_null3495d ago

Hmmm who's first? In order then shall we?

Kissme umm there doesn't need to be a come back. The hardcore gamers play games that take skill like Mario 5 and Mario kart along with some real fps action on pc. Devs will not be less likly to make these games because they are selling, they may take longer yet they do sell. At comparable levels to the other games that are not really hyped.

Take yakuza3 it sits at 700,000 after almost two months way cooler story yet heavy rain beats it. What is even more hillarious is mag. It also sits at 800,000 not so massive.

It's crazy how I can go down the list of ps3 games and see that only 50 games est sold around a million. Out of 439-450 games. That a lot of games that cost way more than this wii game prodution wise. What is even more funny is the wii has almost 81 games that have sold over a million. This is what publisher look at not how much excitment the media can get from fanboys.

It is about new customers. Red steel 2 is an attemp to fix that ip and grow it. I've already sent my emails out to them about what they should fix if any thing.

Elven6 just dance and games like red steel will keep coming maybe fps games will die out how about that. Maybe hd development will ramp down. Even square is closing studios this week. Red steel is on it's way to doing two things making it's invested money back and fixing the franchise.

Holyorangecow your a troll but I'll address you anyway. First reading and understanding English better would help you. No one cares because we know wii games are slow burn games. Like I said the wii has 81 million sellers and at least 50 more approaching a million. Every type of game is represented on that list even red steel 1.
Another reason devs don't care is we understand that an ip can be harmed and it can be fixed. It took red steel 1 like 3 months to hit a million if I remember yet it did hit a million unlike all of those hd games that didn't.

Also many hd gamers realized I was telling them some thing that can help them. They have wii's but the display is not crisp like my samsung. The only console manufacture that gets perks off hdtvs is Sony. With out those tv sales Sony would be a sega. So yeah a game publisher is making money off tv sales are you that blind to what Sony is?

Upscallers have come a long way and are dirt cheap. Ethier you don't own an HDTV or you don't have a wii I don't know. The problem is with peoples tvs not displaying sd content as crisp. This same problem happens with your so called hd games yet not as bad. You won't get hd visuals yet you will get screen shot that look like the dolphin emulator with all the functionality of your game.

So really I think your a little mixed ip here or maybe trying to put some one down so you can feel better maybe?
Oh and iw was about money, haze, lair, rock band 2 hurt them pretty bad, dragon age is barely making any money back, cod3 did not make any money at all on the ps3, most of sega s games flopped sonic unleashed iron man, tecmos last game didn't even break 600k both NBA games from 2k games and ea panned.

Developers and publisher are starting to wonder what type of gamers are you guys. You are the new pc gamers that only buy hyped games. To stay on the ps3 with a game that is not hyped is absolute death. You shouldn't be mad at wii gamers be mad at your own. 30 some million yet you can only get 50 games to a million. Now that is sad.

Lahr you are right but it's way better. If it had online game it would be a ball yes it's that good. You can even customize all the controls. This game is almost on par with brink for the pc. It's evolutionary fps gaming really.

Wicko you are right this is to be expected. Yet once you finally make it over to a wii equiped friend with it you'll see what I'm saying. This is why the 50,000 does not matter. It's just not fps with motion controls it's an evolution of the game type.

The only people ingorant about this is hd fans who want to see the wii fail. What is funny is this same hate will cuase hd motion controls to fail and when they do I'm sensing Sony will run home with their ball. The 1st will be free to port and support the ps3 as long as it works for them. Sony needs the casual gamers badly.

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N4BmpS3496d ago

At this point it's pretty important for Hardcore games to sell on the Wii otherwise 3rd party developers might abandon the Wii console. It's clear that if it isn't a Nintendo 1st party title it won't sell well Ala New Super Mario Bros. Wii(which is a casual/party game imagine that)

clintos593496d ago

And this game is tons of fun but it is sad to see such a fun game have such poor sales especially in the US. I say make a ps3 version with better graphics & added features & ill buy this game again.

Seekerofthewind3496d ago

I bought it after that 12 day period. I do have it, though, so you could consider me number 50,001. >.>

Blaze9293496d ago

Wii owners don't care about sales nor 'hardcore' games evidently. Do Wii fanboys even exist?

I just hope 3rd parties won't start dropping support like the Gamecube

Bnet3433496d ago

GameFAQs has a ton of Nintendo fanboys. They run that site.

clintos593496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

I know sales really shouldnt matter but if its a game that I enjoy, yes im kind of concerned because sales could also determine or is there going to be another game developed for that certain series.

Also about 3rd party support for the wii and the wii ending up like the gamecube. I wouldnt worry about the wii support from 3rd party studios because with the wii ahead in sales it would be hard for 3rd party devs to overlook the wii fanbase. 3rd party will just have to dish out more casual games.

dkgshiz3496d ago

Well, I already knew this game was going to flop. The real crime was the advertising campaign for this game. They actually spent quite a bit of money on the advertising.

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