This Is Apple's Next iPhone

Gizmodo writes:

"This Is Apple's Next iPhone You are looking at Apple's next iPhone. It was found lost in a bar in Redwood City, camouflaged to look like an iPhone 3GS. We got it. We disassembled it. It's the real thing, and here are all the details.

While Apple may tinker with the final packaging and design of the final phone, it's clear that the features in this lost-and-found next-generation iPhone are drastically new and drastically different from what came before. Here's the detailed list of our findings:"

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electricshadow3493d ago

I still don't like the design. It doesn't look as finished as it should be. I'm thinking the design might change for when it comes out in July, but the new features do sound pretty cool. Finally it has a flash and a front camera. I'm going to wait 'til June when Apple officially reveals the next iPhone before I get to excited.

The Great Melon3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

I am going to have to disagree with you. This new iphone looks much better than their previous iterations (especially the current one, I hate the curved back, it doesn't lie flat). Also to me the angular look along with the aluminum border give the iphone a higher quality look. I hope Apple continues with this design rather than curve everything out.

Fishy Fingers3493d ago

I dont mind the design, I'm sure it will be slightly changed before launch, but the square design means 1, I'll be able to stand it on its side in landscape, something I cant do now, and 2, the rounded back is a nightmare for scratching, it slides and rotates when you put it down, it's a pain.

darthv723493d ago

but i cant. at least not from att. The thing has wifi and i would rather use free wifi than a mandatory $30 data plan. You dont need data to use the phone part. You dont need data to use the text part.

Oh well just me ranting...peace.

xTruthx3493d ago

I was waiting for something more like this

electricshadow3493d ago

Oh no, I love that it finally has a square back. I have the 3G and I hate the curved back. I'm talking about the volume up and down buttons and the [separators?] at the bottom corner on picture two and at the top of the phone beside the headphone jack on picture seven. Makes it look cheap to me. However, if this is the final design, it doesn't bother me that much. I guess I'm nitpicking. I'm just saying these things because of Apple's designs in the past.

Microsoft Xbox 3603493d ago

Definitely getting one. The camera flash sealed the deal for me, not to mention the front facing camera.

mcnablejr3493d ago

lol, you joking?

that looks like the remote you would get with a £50 hifi. Look at the cover on the back.. lol

AEtherbane3493d ago

But the final version will look much different, this is a prototype, cheap materials are used, and the prototype NEVER has all the things the final will have, just in case things like this happen. Think about when a car company tests a new car design, when they do a on-road test, the put tape over all the edges and make the car look ugly, because looks dont matter when you testing for engine performance.

JustinSaneV23493d ago

I doubt it'll look that much different. We are only about two months away from its launch.

AEtherbane3493d ago

There's no identification on how old that build is.. my guess is that its not final

hikayu173493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

this is most likely just a prototype with (maybe) finalized internal component and not design .
the component seems to me ... nothing surprising . they certainly dont want to put a higher resolution screen in , otherwise they would split the market just like android , which they certainly do not want to .apple would not want to upgrade the internal hardware too much either . they splitted the software market with the 3gs , they certain dont want to make another to overshadow the 3gs . tho they can put in a new , more energy efficient chip thus increase battery . they most likely wont jump on the 4G bandwagon just yet either because apple was never that much of a risk taker . the battle of wimax vs LTE have yet to begin .

so ? imo it's just a small revision for better baterry and minor updates like camera and such . they might just jump off the AT&T ship to sprint/verizon or any other CDMA carrier . i have the 3gs and AT&T is the worst of it .

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Mikelarry3493d ago

really sure about this hopefully this is a prototype as having a ceramic glass back.... there will be many broken iphones

Fishy Fingers3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Ceramic doesnt mean fragile, I have a ceramic Nixon watch and it's rock solid and totally scratch proof. There are many different grades and forms of ceramics.

Still Id be surprised if it is ceramic, thats very expensive.

MiamiACR3493d ago

You'd be surprised how resilient the Iphone is compared to other cell phones, that is unless you put your Iphone in your front pocket and a good looking girl whistles at you. None the less I will buy anything that has an Apple logo on it.

AutoCad3493d ago

Wait is this real or the japanese mock.

JustinSaneV23493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

The fake one was the grainy aluminum unibody.

This is real (more than likely)

Mr_Showtime13493d ago

This is real, there is no Japanese fake. The guy who claimed to have bought the japanese fake just photoshopped this design into his hand but has since admitted to doing so. This is the real deal.

Mr_Showtime13493d ago

Yes, I know that model exists, but that was not the rumored Japanese fake. It was images of this iPhone that where released yesterday, photoshopped into somebody's hand, and then claimed to be a fake bought in Japan. The images have disappeared now, but you can see Engadget Editor-in-Chief Joshua Tupolsky reference it here:

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frankymv3493d ago

It seems to have the guts of the new iPhone but the shell seems to be in non-final form.

Revvin3493d ago

I'm hoping this will bring forward any announcement Apple has, my contract is due for renewal in a few months so the sooner the better!

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