Pokemon Black and White - Change, I Chose You

The staff of Thankless Grind round up the latest news on the fifth generation of pokemon, and discuss their desires for what they need to change this time round. There are so many things about these games that are clearly like they are because the first game was designed for the original gameboy, and they never revisited the decision since. It's like when you go to install fonts in Windows XP and the interface looks like something out of Windows 3.1. Their main issue is the way the battle system narrates everything in achingly slow text boxes rather than showing you things happening. Anyway, read the full article for more ramblings.

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ElementX4609d ago

Is this going to be real change or "Obama" change?

Redempteur4608d ago

we don't need politics here ...

poindat4608d ago (Edited 4608d ago )

...But does anyone else, when scrolling past the white half of the logo, keep mistaking it for the Pizza Hut logo? Poke Hut.

anonymouse1113354608d ago


lol, I see it, wouldn't be too surprising if they announced a sponsorship deal since pizza hut have sponsored games and anime before.

NaiNaiNai4608d ago

rofl. thats great...

I think pizza hut is the only company I love to see sponsorship in games and anime.

because they always do it right.

:P like code geass.

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booni34608d ago (Edited 4608d ago )

i've been saying this franchise should reboot their presentation since before diamond and pearl dropped. i mean, i understand that they have a rabbid audience to please and if to many things are changed fires will start (think final fantasy xiii), but enough is enough. Diamond/Pearl/Platinum?HeartGo ld/SoulSilver are all games using the same graphics engines, sound systems and gameplay structure. Please, Please make some notable changes in this next installment. and on a side note; something they forgot to mention: why is it that on the pokemon SHOW pikachu says his name in his famously adorable little voice and in pokemone the GAME he makes some growling kind of squeak noise. I learned growing up watching the show that pokemon have particular cries and calls so theres no reason they cant simply import those sounds to the game.

anonymouse1113354608d ago

Do realize they basically used the same graphics for Red/Blue/Yellow and Gold/Silver/Crystal and a improved version for Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, they did the same thing and each introduced new moves and combat mechanisms into it, people say it's never changed probably haven't played anything past crystal or are unaware of the IV/EV system and the natures of pokemon that make each pokemon different.

I think the combat is better than ever personally, might be good in full 3D but they still do a good job with sprites, the music though is prettymuch untouched since gen I

Dsnyder4608d ago

You seem to forget that kids play this game. Thats why they inform you of what is effective and what isnt. The game would be worse if they told you it was super effective just once.

So many 'pokemen"-What the hell is a pokemen? Pokemon is a pretty vast world and there are many pokemon but the beauty of it is that it doesnt matter what you choose as long as you raise them properly. Thats part of the freedom of choice that comes with the game.

Weak against grass-The elemental system is not complicated. Rock doesnt hurt fighting because fighting breaks rock. Ground nullifies the effects of poison and FIRE PUTS OUT WATER. IS THIS TOO COMPLICATED FOR YOU GAMING JOURNALIST?! WHY DONT YOU GO BACK TO HOLDING UP THAT LEGEND YOU MADE TO FIGURE OUT A SIMPLE ELEMENTAL WEAKNESS AND WHILE YOUR AT IT, GET A FVCKING BRAINSCAN AND GET OFF THE INTERNET!

Redempteur4608d ago (Edited 4608d ago )

i agree ..i played blue , gold , diamond , and soul silver ... and i never needed a chart .. 17 elements is too much ? Not really ..countless kids have this figured out in a matter of hours especially since the learning curve of pokemon games are really easy to the player

Sigh4608d ago (Edited 4608d ago )

was pretty dumb. I think I know mostly off my head which type is super effective against a specific type, vice-versa. How about playing it some more?

gumgum994608d ago (Edited 4608d ago )

*pokeball opens*

*pokeball soundeffect(you know, the bells and whistles)*

Pokemon: Change! Change!

Trainer: Change, write an article for N4G!!

*Change Submits*

*Its pretty darn effective*