Dwindling PC sales reports "greatly exaggerated", says Paradox

Paradox Interactive CEO Fredrik Wester has said that reports suggesting that the PC is no longer a viable video games platform are "greatly exaggerated", and that his company has "never sold more (units) on the PC" than it did in 2009.

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champ213493d ago

We heard simular comments out of Sega few weeks back. DD is taking over, its at 80% of PC sales. Looking at retail is fail.

Year on year PC grew 3% last year, while consoles saw a dip of 9%. If anything PC is going stronger then ever.

Charmers3493d ago

Yet again PC gamers bring the software industry kicking and screaming into the twenty first century with new ways of distributing their products. I love Digitial Distribution and never buy my games any other way these days.

kevnb3493d ago

and it means we can get 10 year old games just as easily as the one that came out this month.

Chris_TC3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

I totally agree. I bought The Dig from 1995 on Steam, and it was tons of fun. I'm actually hoping for more and more vintage games to be released. Wouldn't it be great if Steam had every game ever made?

anonymouse1113353493d ago

I agree, it's sad several games are unplayable because of inaccessability unless you download thme and play them on emulators

zag3492d ago

I don't like DD products.

I can't stand buying a retail box, only to find the bloody software is a steam DD install why bother releasing a retail product as far as I'm concerned.

The only reason why it's around is so that Valve can say they are publishers and skim cash off the top and then Devs charge customers full price or more if you have the do money exchanges for a product which has no real life media.

Really these DD should be $20 pushing not the same price as a retail product with a box/dvd

Once games go Blue-ray you won't be able to download them, it'll be next year for sure.

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tdrules3493d ago

Everyone knows this is how the market works:
PC brings out new feature, critics say it will never work. "why would I want to play with OTHER people I dont know, online will never work"

LIVE Comes out on Xbawks: "holy cow you can play ONLINE, with other people, awesome"

BloodyNapkin3493d ago

When Xbox live originally launched in November of 2002, it connected people in a way that hadn't been done before by any console or PC. Online PC gaming was big way before consoles was, so i don't understand your comment of ""why would I want to play with OTHER people I dont know, online will never work" and it thrived with online play. Man the good ole quake day's. But it was a mess with having to start different programs to due different things and it was limited. Xbox live just took that concept and made it better and more user friendly.

Letros3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago ) says hello, it was miles ahead of its time, even if only for 1 companies games. The guys that created it, went on to make, for the impossible-to-do free MMO known as Guild Wars.

thiefen3493d ago

Actually on PC the community was done by Dedicated servers and IRC networks before Xbox live ;)

mrv3213493d ago

Didn't westwood provide something for that? Sorry I don't remember the good old days, and have grown up in a world of ill guided hate.

Start up multiple programs? By which you mean games and select from a server list? Not really too hard.

Letros3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

I still remember Microsoft Zone(i think that's what it was called), which was probably the foundation for Xbox Live. I used to play Jedi Knight, and some 3rd person shooter game with jetpacks on it, it was terrible, but of course online was fun, why can't I remember what it was called?!!?


And here is the link to Zone (

BloodyNapkin3493d ago

Ohhh... So you are saying Chat was a window based enabled in all games or that all games had chat for all people that played on the server. Sorry i had to launch roger wilco or team speak to chat with just teammates only. And in order to find friends playing online on what server they was on you had to launch another program like IRC or either all seeing eye or gamespy or something to that effect.

2Spock3493d ago

Actually i agree with BloodyNapkin. I did like the good Q2 3wave days, nothing like playing on Springfield. And being part of some of the best clan matches in those days. Or on the 5150 server in the Tribes days. Haven't never had that same feeling playing online as i did in those days.

evrfighter3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

msn gaming zone
Steam and Xbox Live both launched in the same year. Yet Steam has left Live in its dust. It was only just a few months ago that M$ started getting more serious about DD discount sales and more full game offerings. Obviously influenced by Steam.

come again?

even irc's #scrim system is more efficient then LIVE.

thiefen3493d ago

Your saying that there is something wrong with using more than the game to gather a community? Like this website which is somewhat used to make a community?

BloodyNapkin3493d ago


All those sites are game specific, again didn't work with most game's. And for your info Xboxlive derived in part from Msn gaming zone which was out way before steam was. I am not knocking anybody for anything i am just voicing words.


Did i say there was anything wrong with that? I made a comment, and instead of making a concrete comment you decide to try to poke fun with a silly reply.

thiefen3493d ago

The way you wrote it, it sounded like it yes. ^^

What was wrong with my comment? I was only making a point.

evrfighter3493d ago

"All those sites are game specific, again didn't work with most game's."
MSN Gaming Zone was available to almost all the popular pc games available during it's time.

I used it for Rainbow Six, Mechwarrior 3, Mechwarrior 4, and a few others. Imo it was better than that abomination that is Xbox Live.

zag3492d ago

Back in the 19090's FPS games were shareware and you mainly played them on a lan as the internet while existed wasn't too crash hot to use with your 9600 or 144000 baud dial up modem.

by 1993 to 1995 FPS games were starting to also offer net multiplayer gaming, this was FPS client with decated game server.

Xbox Live is pretty poor not only does it waste so much time with such usless crap that it also causes problems with the actual games you play on PC.

As for voice chat it was out on the PC in 1995 to 2000 Clans used vent etc to mark people out, I remember playing Tribes I with vent in clan games that's going way way back.

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jjesso19933493d ago

DD for pc is starting to look like future as long as the game stay reasonably sized then iam fine downloading of steam.

mcgrawgamer3493d ago

in other news the media is wrong....again.

when you eliminate console certification, marketing, production cost of disc, manual, cases, box art, etc,. how much money are dev's saving by releasing a game on DD.

Now some may say "but the pirates!" and that's true piracy is a concern; BUT if piracy was such a huge concern why hasn't a dev left the pc platform completely?

To make a long story short. We are not going anywhere guys. We are here to stay.

2Spock3493d ago

Yeah but why are some of the biggest heavy hitters releasing on console, maybe to recoup some losses from the PC. Or maybe the see it a much more viable source of income.

mcgrawgamer3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

probably because some of those "heavy" hitters are exclusives i.e MSFT or Sony funded or said game is released on all platforms. I highly doubt it's done to recoup any loses especially when most games are being pirated on the 360 even before the PC version.

more viable income? well seeing as how most console gamers don't mind coughing up money for DLC, themes, avatar clothes and other crap; that may be a valid point.

webeblazing3493d ago

dont tell them they living in lala land

Charmers3493d ago

@ 2Spock - If a game is successful on the PC (such as Crysis) it makes economic sense to bring that game to consoles. Unlike the console world there is no big money backer on the PC. There is no organisation to throw millions at Crytek to keep the game "exclusive" to the PC. There is no organisation to buy Crytek up and make it a first party developer exclusive to the PC.

The PC has to stand on it's own merits without billions poured into it to "prop it up". I think it does a pretty damn good job of things myself. If developers make a game on the PC and then want to access the console markets too I say good luck to them. However you won't get the same experience on the consoles as you do on the PC. Sure Crysis 2 will be on the consoles but the real Crysis experience will be exclusive to the PC.

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