Top 10 Xbox LIVE Indie Games You Have to Play

From the feature list:

"A lot of people will boot up their Xboxes, either go to the dash to look for videos or arcade games, or just boot right into whatever disc based game they may have in their drive. They are happily going about things they've always done on their Xboxes. Lurking just underneath the NXE dash however is a breed of games designed by regular people like you and I who want nothing more than to make games they hope others will find exciting. These people generally have regular day jobs like the rest of us, but at night, they don their gaminghero costumes to put together experiences that while often over looked by the mass-media, can be considered true gems of our gaming era. Here is a top 10 list of the best Xbox LIVE Indie Games (with prices, all have a free demo to try) currently available for download via the Marketplace (click the game's name to go straight to it's download page on"

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LaurenKB1233106d ago

Perfect list for my extra XBLA points, thanks guys!

UltimaEnder3106d ago

Give me something to do later this afternoon after some 2010 FIFA World Cup, never thought to even look in the Indie section....

PepperJack3106d ago

never even tried an indie game before, thanks for the list