Halo Reach "much more realistic than ODST"

The Gadget Show's Jason Bradbury has said that Halo Reach is "much more realistic than ODST", claiming that the game is "louder" and more detailed than its predecessor, before comparing its visuals with Killzone.

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PS360_373504d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

I LOVVVE the Halo Series but Reach is not as good graphically as KZ2. No chance. Good thing that Reach will dominate KZ2 in every other important facet of a game. That's not too hard though.

Seedhouse3503d ago

Reach still looks fantastic though, can't wait to see what they show at E3 =]

kaveti66163503d ago

Ya, but the guy didn't say that Reach looked as good as Killzone 2, just that it was more like it in terms of sound.

The comparison is not arguing that Reach is better-looking than Killzone 2 or better overall, it's just saying that Reach is more like KZ2 and not like ODST.

IdleLeeSiuLung3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

Bungie has never been about graphics. It has always been gameplay first. Just look at all the things they introduce to the multiplayer component. Soo many different modes of games and etc....

Game play first is also my preference.

playstation_clan3503d ago

modern warfare 2 had a longer and better campaign

Lord Vader3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

I dont care or expect HaLo ReAcH's graphics to compare to KZ2.

But thats all KZ2 has afterall. Clunky controls = mediocre experience, mind-numbing story, repetitive enemies with no variation, mediocre AI, ***NO CO-OP, no vehicles, & a MP that shouldn't even be mentioned in the same sentence as HaLo.

Start crying now 'Sony Only' folks, because the Kill Zone series will never be in the same league as HaLo. Only fanboys think KZ2 is sooooo great, lolz, I played it for a month & traded it in. Eye Candy for sure, but everything else about the game was rather average.

If you want to talk about a great game on PS3 with a decent MP component, Uncharted 2 is it hands down. But even Uncharted cannot touch HaLo MP features, precise controls, or popularity with GAMERS.

hikayu173503d ago

i think it's all perspective when you talk about fun and gameplay . but to bash a game without playing it is just plain ignorant and dumb . you're on N4G for godsake . you get flame even if you speak the obvious truth , let alone an ignorant comment .
to me fans of the game and shooters fan , kz2 nailed the control that they want . no more run n gun . talk about precise : more precise than auto-aim , im sure . halo 3 actually has auto-aim , for your info . take a battle rifle and see for yourself . not as much as MW2 , but it's still there . there are vehicle in the campaign , it's just short .there are plenty of enemy and bosses ( they are HARD ) . the AI in kz2 is top of any shooter on the market , par none . you shoot it , it moves and actually hide from your view . when you reload , they can hear it and actually move to expose your cover . much better than the sitting ducks in MW2 .

the MP is not as fun as halo 3 or MW2 , i cant say that for sure . i enjoyed it for 2 months , that's it.though i find that kz2's active game mode switching is brilliant and many games should do that . i respect your opinion , @lord vader . i enjoyed halo 3 and MW2 too , and i played it on the 360 . the party system on 360 is great and it's such a bummer that the ps3 doesnt have it .
anyway , all im trying to say is that Reach doesnt have to have killzone2's graphic . halo has a different style than kz . as long as reach's graphic is anywhere from acceptable to great , im happy . so far , all the features in reach sounds great .
making games should not be about putting everything that any competitor has into your game . it should be about creating wat nobody have done before , something fun . im not a fanboy , tho im a bit crazy for typing a rant this long trying to taking sense with fanboys on N4G .

swice3503d ago

As far as being up to snuff when it comes to Killzone 2; he has seen and played the game first hand. I think he would have a better opinion on this matter than we would. The other interesting thing is that the Beta WON'T be the final build. Expect better visuals and gameplay in the Fall.

shadow27973503d ago

What's with all the Killzone hate? Different strokes for different folks, people. I prefer Killzone to Halo, but Halo games are still good.

Kevin ButIer3503d ago

But claiming more realism is quite absurd...

Just saying

hamoor3503d ago

well in real life it takes 1 bullet in the head to kill a guy
while in kz2 it takes a DAZILLION BULLETS to kill anyone

shadow27973503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

Wow, dazillion is a much smaller number than I thought ;-)

Head shots are still 1 hit kills, they're just really hard to pull off in multiplayer.

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Gigalol3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

mmmm so Reach is graphically better than Killzone 2? WOW

"But killzone 2 is possibile only on PS3!!!!1111!"


LordMarius3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

Funny how all FPS are now being compared to Killzone 2, imagine what Kizzy 3 will do

Edit: whats going on with the comments, I could have sworn mine was deleted

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