Darkfall Developer Question Time Coming

Developers behind the fantasy MMO Darkfall have announced that players will be able to question them on 'topics of concern' this week during a special community interaction event.

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Dorjan3105d ago

always good to get a warning

Cogo3105d ago

Jotting it down in your calendar? :)

Leord3105d ago

I love when developers do that.

I just wish they could highlight important fans when doing so, like having the Q&A on a specific site and vary between occasions if there's many fansites.

AndyA3105d ago

I'm not sure it matters which site the Q&A is on so long as there is one.

Maticus3105d ago

About time, they should take a note out of Cryptic's book.

lucifon3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

I seriously hope no MMO developer takes any notes out of Cryptic's books. One of the worst MMO developers in the past few years. Churned out crap with no passion and solely financial intentions.

Malfurion3105d ago

These discussions are becoming more and more popular