PS3 'in better place for launch' than 360 - Mark Rein

Amidst all the arguments over PS3's hefty price tag, how much the world really cares about Blu-ray, and how important Xbox 360's steadily growing lead will prove, self-styled 'industry loudmouth' and Epic boss Mark Rein has revealed an interesting take on the next-gen battle from a developer's perspective.

Comparing the situation for developers last year ahead of the launch of 360, Rein believes Sony's efforts to get final dev kits out to studios compares favourably with those of its bitter rival...

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jedicurt5533d ago

that can't be true, cause i remember every single xbox fanboy (note, not all xbox 360 supporters on here are fanboys) have said that every game developer thought that the PS3 was nothing but a pile of junk and such. etc...

General5533d ago (Edited 5533d ago )

Hehe, Thats Typical for an xbox fan to say, Be ready for a damn Army of Xbox fans to come here and start saying "This cant be true, This is bullsh*t!" You guys just cant accept defeat.

Cyclonus5533d ago

Reading Comprehension isn't one of your strong suits is it?

All Mark Rein is saying is that PS3 devs have had MORE time with final hardware than the 360 did. And I like how you ignore the last part of the interview; you know, where he says Gears of War, the best looking game at E3, WAS RUNNING ON ONE CORE...

And speaking of Epic games in development, while 360 action title Gears of War was undoubtedly one of the more visually amazing titles on show during May's gaming spectacular, Rein promised that improved tech will mean that the final version will raise the bar still further.

"[The E3 demo] was using our single-threaded rendered. We have our new Gemini multi-threaded rendered working in the engine right now," Rein explained. "The final game's built on it, it gives us better frame rates and more fluidity - UT 2007 will also benefit from it. It only gets better from here. So if you were impressed with Gears of War at E3, the finished game's going to be much better, it's going to be spectacular."

Defeat? Hardly.

achira5533d ago

cyclonos you dont understand something. single-threaded rendered not equal to one core !!! multi-threaded rendered means only that the render process is more optimiced for multi-core and nothing more, that does not mean, they used only one core, and know they use three cores.

Sphinx5533d ago

Heehee... I am a 360 fanboy, if that is what you want to call me, that's fine... I am surprised how quickly Sony got out the dev kits... I wonder how long before the 360's launch that MS had their dev kits out. Hmmm... interesting.
Oh, also, I don't think PS3 is going to be in the same place as the PS2 was. I think, at best, PS3 will be in the #2 spot. I think it is a little too late to catch up quick enough, especially with the price point. Sony may win in Japan, but I couldn't care less, as I do no live there, nor care for their weird-ass games and kiddie porn obsessions.

shotty5533d ago

Its because the ps3 was originally supposed to launch in spring but then got delayed to november. So actually proof that sony just outright lied about the spring launch of the ps3 and it was meant for november the whole time since the final kits only went out during may.

5533d ago
Marriot VP5533d ago (Edited 5533d ago )

yah it's taken out of context, the title I mean. All he's saying is the additional year for developers is better....DUH, like we can't figure that out.

another Captain obvious. Plus he does say GOW is the best looking game so far, even running of 1/3 of 360's CPU. So really he's supporting the 360 far more than the PS3. Any console with almost an additional year will have better developed games.

andy capps5533d ago

No, he's not saying that. He's saying that PS3 is in a better place for launch because the devs have had more time with final hardware to prepare their launch titles so that they are better looking, run smoothly, online works (unlike COD2 at launch), etc. He's not saying the PS3 I$ TEH ROXORZ! but just that they're more prepared for launch.

To the above asking how long Xbox 360 devs had final dev kits, I believe it was around 2 months?.. Not sure exactly, but it was not 6 months like the PS3 devs will have had. He's just saying that they'll have more time and that that's a good thing.

Gears of War does look great, and I'm sure it'll look great at launch. He's not saying that the 360 is better than the PS3, he's just saying that they've worked on the Unreal Engine to where it will take advantage of multi-threading and that it will run better now. That's good to hear for Gears of War, as well as UT2007 for PS3 and PC.

Zypher- couldn't have said it better myself. Hahaha!

BTW, this thread is pure flamebait! Nothing against the poster as this is gaming news, but this will probably be my last post, as this one will probably be another 500-600 comment topic of utter crap.

Bunnyslippers5533d ago

Mark Rein has supported the PS3 a lot. Like mentioning running an unoptimized UT07 at 49fps, on a not finalized PS3 devkit. And you won't see Rein choosing sides. And I still remember Gears of Wars didn't run as smooth on the Xbox360. SO they probably spent a lot of time optimizing Gears od War for the Xbox360. And it paid off. I mean running Gears of War on one core. While other developers need all three. But this telling more about the developers than about Xbox360.

And so the delay of the PS3 launch isn't a bad thing. If the PS3 was released earlier, the launch games would be in the same shape as the Xbox360 launch games.

Marriot VP5533d ago

Andy thats exactly what I said, just in an expanded version. I said the extra amount of time with developing was gonna get better launch games for the PS3...DUH.

So what's your point...did I not act like a PS3 fanboy for you??

andy capps5533d ago

I wasn't disagreeing with the first part, just the second where you said that he prefers the 360, "Plus he does say GOW is the best looking game so far, even running of 1/3 of 360's CPU. So really he's supporting the 360 far more than the PS3. Any console with almost an additional year will have better developed games."

I agree with the last sentence, but I don't think he greatly prefers the 360 over the PS3. They're a multi-platform dev that has their new engine included as a part of the tools available for PS3 devs. Their engine licensing is their bread and butter, and they're also working a game for the PS3 and PC, so I don't think he's picking favorites here. Next week he'll probably be talking about how PC games are far superior to console games... He's trying to play both sides of the fence by saying PS3 is going to have a better launch due to more time with final devkits, amd Gears of War looked great at E3 but was running on a single core, just wait till you see it using our new multi-threaded renderer. He's trying to make both sides happy, and give a plug for their new tools at the same time.

Marriot VP5533d ago

andy I guess I got confused when you said, "
No, he's not saying that."

and i didn't say he prefered the 360, i said stating the obvious was stupid and him adding that he thinks GOW is more impressive than anything out makes more of an impact than stating the obvious about developing time.

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