Why did The Sunday Times give GTA IV to kids?

CVG: The newspaper likes to think the arresting picture - all inky hair, felonious eyebrows and emotion-less concentration - tells us something about 'what online addiction is doing to our kids'.

It doesn't. What it does tell us, however, is how desperate some pockets of our national press have become to vilify video games in an age when public understanding and appreciation of the medium is at an all-time high.

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SlaughterMeister3501d ago

This article was very well written! I hope this is soon to be the standard by which all gaming journalism will be conducted.

Cajun Chicken3501d ago

Wait. The Sunday Times are trying to prove that games are bad for allowing them to play games which they're underaged for?

We all know it's the parents now. Kids can't get games without parents in shops or online. Blame someone, blame the state of parenting and the parents not actually understanding what they're buying to keep the kids shut up at evenings.

ExgamerLegends23501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

No, that's not what Time did at all. They never said video games are bad for you. They just simply interviewed people to figure out why games CAN be addictive. This article is crap. The author thinks he's making a point against anti-gamers when really he's just reaffirming their point by ranting when theres nothing to rant about. Thats a sign of game addiction. Anyway, the Time article was posted on N4G yesterday. Find it, read it, make your own opinion about it. I personally found it harmless. In fact they even admit that the vast majority of the 16.7 million online gamers in UK are not addicted.