D+PAD Magazine: Just Cause 2 - Reviewed

D+PAD Magazine writes:

High above the clouds of Panau, a jet's cockpit opens; out jumps Rico, a man dressed in black with a love of tomfoolery and a penchant for flamboyant – and rather explosive – entrances. He takes the time to admire the sun-kissed beaches as he plummets, the wind in his hair in a rare moment of calm. Soon the silence is broken, punctured by the hail of gunfire and panicked radio chatter. The agent deploys his parachute a moment before impact, dropping his last grenades on the fuel canisters below. He grapples to the approaching chopper, with a swift hijack allowing for a hasty retreat as plumes of smoke permeate the air. Soon, Rico is gone, leaving only a smouldering trail of destruction in his wake. A quick restock and it's on to the next mission…

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