10 Best Exclusives: PS3 vs. Xbox 360

Michael's column (Exclusivity Envy) earlier this week got Nic Simmonds thinking. Being the platform agnostic he is, he doesn't usually give much thought to which console has the better exclusives.

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FangBlade3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

I would take the PS3 top 10 any day.
Just look at the list. huge difference in quality.

Lou-Cipher3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

PlayStation Exclusive - Xbox Exclusive
Top 10

Uncharted 2 - 96% VS Halo 3 - 94%
Little Big Planet - 95% VS Gears of War 2 - 93%
Metal Gear Solid 4 - 94% VS Forza 3 - 92%
God of War III - 93% VS Geometry Wars 2 - 90%
God of War Collection - 91% VS Forza 2 - 90%
Killzone 2 - 91% VS Rez HD - 89%
MLB10 The Show - 90% VS Fable 2 - 89%
MLB09 The Show - 90% VS Shadow Complex - 88%
Demon's Soul's - 89% VS Project Gotham Racing 3 - 88%
Ratchet&Clank Future - 89% VS Ikaruga - 87%

PlayStation Average - 92% Xbox Average - 90%

Some people just don't know the meaning of EXCLUSIVE.

Pennywise3104d ago

Wait... If someone is exclusive to their boyfriend/girlfriend, they aren't allowed to sleep with one other person? I thought this was cool unless the other person was your girl/boyfriends mortal enemy.

lociefer3104d ago

it should be like gow3 vs all 360 exclusives

BeaArthur3104d ago

Jamie Foxx...agreed, all they are doing is comparing the games with the closest scores. The games that are being compared aren't even in the same genre in most of the cases. Just another site desperate for hits. Don't perpetuate this crap by clicking the link.

-Alpha3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

I would take the PS3 list + Halo. Maybe Geo Wars and Gears too in place for MLB 09 and 10.

Also Loucipher your comparing very arbitrary percentages from the media, which I would think PS3 fans would say is biased. A 2% difference doesn't prove superiority, especially when you are comparing really different games.


The list is comparing PS3 to 360, so like everything else in system wars (graphics, games, etc), the PC is left out of the loop again. It's exclusive, but with the manipulative twist that it's "on consoles" only. In other words, it's console exclusive.

Hanif-8763104d ago

How is Gears Of War, Mass Effect 2 and Ghost Recon Advanced War Fighter considered exclusives lol

Nicholas Cage3104d ago

i love demons souls, best rpg ive ever played. i love the gt series, best racing simulator ive ever played. i love metal gear solid 4, best stealth game ive ever played. i love littlebigplanet, best platformer ive ever played. i love killzone 2, best shooter ive ever played. i love god of war 3, best hack and slash ive ever played. i love heavy rain, most unique expierience in gaming for a long time.

i also like mass effect 2, and gears.

NOOBKILLA3104d ago

This is the reason why I own both a 360 and PS3. Both list are great!!! Any real gamer has played through all the games on both lists.

Hanif-8763104d ago

I wonder what would happen if he listed true exclusives to each platform; PS3 33 and Xbox360 7

Will-UK3104d ago

I know what you mean, but according to microsoft exclusive policy it means its exclusive on xbox for consoles. Their was an article somewhere about what microsoft consider "exclusive".

Uncharted 2,Killzone 2 & MGS4 great games cant wait for Killzone 3

ape0073104d ago

just finished gow 3, one of the best games I've ever played in this gen

got started on conviction, Rocks so far

-Alpha3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )


exclusive: 115
multi-platform: 482
console exclusive: 9


exclusive: 113
multiplatform: 545
console exclusive:74

I need to look into the list more to make sure it's accurate, but the fact of the matter is that the PS3 has more exclusives because of Firt Party.

The 360 has great games, but it is indeed pathetic that MS isn't preparing for the future. They should be building up more first party studios to have for the future.

Let's face it: The PS3 was doomed from the start. Poor support, high price, competition had a killer app in Halo, etc. But because of the relationships Sony built up in the PS2 generation they were able to have that ace up their sleeve while STILL managing to get even more First Party studios (Media Molecule for example).

It's as if MS is assuming the Playstation will die out, hence they don't need first parties, but what's already happening is that the PS3 is getting on even grounds which makes the market more bigger for developers. The Xbox is in the prime of its career and you'd think MS would take this time to secure more studios or something.

Now, not all of those exclusives are good, and the 360 does have some great games, but its clear where the variety for the big games stand.


Multiplayer- 360
Single Player- PS3

You aren't going to find a more feature-filled and competitive online game like Halo and you aren't going to find a better story game on consoles past Uncharted 2, God of War, etc.

lelo2play3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

Here, let me fix it.
PlayStation Exclusive - Xbox Exclusive
Top 10

Uncharted 2 - 96% VS Halo 3 - 94%
Little Big Planet - 95% VS Gears of War 2 - 93%
Metal Gear Solid 4 - 94% VS Forza 3 - 92%
God of War III - 93% VS Geometry Wars 2 - 90%
God of War Collection - 91% VS Forza 2 - 90%
Killzone 2 - 91% VS Rez HD - 89%
MLB10 The Show - 90% VS Fable 2 - 89%
MLB09 The Show - 90% VS Shadow Complex - 88%
Demon's Soul's - 89% VS Project Gotham Racing 3 - 88%
Ratchet&Clank Future - 89% VS Ikaruga - 87%

PlayStation Average - 92% Xbox Average - 90%

Some people just don't know the meaning of EXCLUSIVE.

Don't some of those games exist in other platforms???

Little Big Planet (also on PSP)
God of War Collection (also on PS2)
MLB10 The Show, MLB09 The Show (PSP/PS2)

EDIT... LOL @ disagrees. Guess i was wrong.

Commander TK3104d ago

the picture. Btw, why are multiplats on that list? Does not mean that they r bad, but we r comparing exclusives, right?

Darkstorn3104d ago

It's all based on preference. Scores SHOULDN'T matter, though I realize they do to many.

I for one would take MGS4 and Killzone 2 over Gears of War and Ghost Recon.

BannedForNineYears3104d ago

Halo 3 = 93.34%
Metal Gear Solid 4 = 93.16%
Fail. Halo 3 > MGS 4? Lolwut?
Halo 3 is the most overrated FPS next to MW 2. >:[

-Alpha3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

They are two very different games. Relax. They can have the same score, it's not contradictory.

mikeslemonade3103d ago

Xbox 360's top 10 are more older games, console exclusives, and more downloadable games.

If you compare from 2007 to 2009 PS3 overwhelming has better exclusives. Most people who are buying a 360 now are not going to go back to play COD2, Gears 1, or GRAW 2. And on PS3 side all those games except MLB09 are relevant, and MLB10 is arguably better anyway.

What this list proofs is 360 really had only two generation of games. They had the launch generation and the generation of Gears 2 and Mass Effect 1. The reason why the more recent games on the 360 aren't at the top is because the 360 system has been maxed out and the games that are coming out are just minor upgrades. To name a few Mass Effect 2, L4D2, Splinter Cell aren't doing really doing anything substantially new in the gameplay department or graphics department.

xTruthx3103d ago

IMO, I would choose the PS3. If you disagree then you can click the thingy below. Just don't rape my bubbles for heavens sake lol!

TheGamer3103d ago

where exactly are the "10 best exclusives" for the 360 in there :P

SnuggleBandit3103d ago

@ lelo

ya, you are wrong lol

littlebigplanet psp and ps3 are completely different games, they aren't just ports of eachother...different levels and features all around. They are from the same franchise but that's it.

As for Mlb, i think the same goes for that as well, a LOT of the features are missing. Not 100% sure though because i haven't played both, but then again, neither have you ;)

And uh, no GOW collection is not on the ps2....

N4BmpS3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

The author should have put inFAMOUS and Crackdown on this list.
Edit: @ lelo The God of War COLLECTION is only on the PS3 in specific terms and when referring to exclusivity and Multiplatform those deal with porting to another platform or not. Example Little Big Planet is a port, it's a full on reproduced version of the original. and hose other titles are still exclusive to the Sony Brand so they count as being exclusive

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Bubble Buddy3103d ago

All I need is the PS3 list + Splinter Cell: Conviction, which is probably going to PS3 later on. Maybe Alan Wake too, we'll see.

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darthv723103d ago

10 Best Exclusives: PS3 "&" Xbox 360 (i like this better)

Why does it have to be a "vs". Both have great exclusives and I would much rather have an agnostic title being a platform agnostic gamer. I like all games.

EVILDEAD3603103d ago

I own 10/10 of the 360 games and 8/10 of the PS3 games on the list..

It's pretty obvious that they screwed the 360 list up by adding 'Geometry War 2' and 'Shadow Complex'..even though I absolutlely loved every second of Shadow.and both Geometry Wars are fun..they should have saved those for a 'downloadable' version of the exclusives list.

But, the list does show the true strengths of each system..

PS3 is the king of single player adventure experiences..MetalGear 4, the two Uncharted Games, and God of war Collection, and GOW3 are just the true cream of the crop in that get's no better...

Xbox 360 w/ Xbox Live is the king of Shooters and Multiplayer experiences

The original Ghost Recon was so far ahead of it's time as a 3rd person shooter and it get's zero credit for it's influences in bringing shooter into the 'Modern' Era (COD:MW series) , the 3rd person cover system (Gears, Uncharted), and the Survival mode (Horde,Firefight etc.)..

Infinity Ward's final WW2 FPS shooter is a classic..and it took Treyach 2 shot's to match Call of of the funnest Multiplayer games to play on Live before the newer games took over the crown..

Halo and Gears..nuff said..Millions of Fans...Billions of Hours played over Live..just phenominal multi-player gaming experiences provided by both series..people just don't even understand how big Reach and Gears 3 are going to be..

The rest of the games are ALL great in their own right..

But, ss good as most of the games on that list are..the games just keep getting better and better..

It's just a great time to be a gamer..whether you own either system..or both..I'm just glad I own em' all


mal_tez923103d ago

A few of those 360 "exclusives" I can play without a 360. And God of war collection shouldn't really count either.

In my opinion (if we are allowed to have one here anymore) is that Uncharted 1 is more fun than any other game made ever that I've played.

FA-SHO3103d ago

"According to Wiki...." Wiki = crap source. Give me better than that

DOMination3103d ago

I don't even know why we are discussing this. It's a fact that the 360 exclusives are better, OXM even said as much a while back.

silvacrest3103d ago

yeah, because a 360 magazine wouldn't be biased at all.......

its a individuals opinion that counts, afterall, the guy who said "this is the best game eva" wont have the same tastes as you

HSx93103d ago

You idiot, where does it state that each individual game is being compared to one another? It's saying the TOP 10 LIST for Xbox exclusives and PS3 exclusives, you moron.

killedinaction93103d ago

I MAD3 A GAEM WITH ZOMBIES 1N IT!!! >> all PS3 exclusives.

ChrisW3103d ago

I love the smell of fanboy fodder in the morning!

sa_nick3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

I don't own a 360 but I can play half the games on the xbox list. I'm pretty sure that means they're not exclusive.

Digitaldude3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

9/10 360 games are shooting 4/10 Ps3 games involve shooting.
I'm just sayin.

Jamie Foxx3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Content not matching the what was the criteria of the article? That's right stupid,.. many of the 360 games listed can be played elsewhere.

So next time before calling someone an idiot make sure you don't live in a glass house.....IDIOT

Traveler3103d ago

Everybody knows they are talking about console exclusives in this context. Quit making an issue where there isn't one.

I prefer the PS3 overall, but there are quite a few games on the 360 that I absolutely love and wouldn't want to live without.

Hill_billy3103d ago

So when I see a game on the PC, I don't brush it off as non-existent. I consider the PC as a very viable source for gaming and so to see some of those games on the PC makes me wonder why MS would consider them exclusive. Yeah, it might be "console exclusive" but is that how we play the game these days? overlook the PC when it benefits the console fanboy wars? Come on folks, if you can play the game then lets just call them gamer exclusives and play the damn games.

Lou-Cipher3103d ago

A PC is a gaming console. (That doesn't go away just because Microsoft needs a larger exclusive library)

For those that think otherwise:
Definition of CONSOLE

1.[noun] housing for electronic instruments, as computer or television

2.[noun] a scientific instrument consisting of displays and an input device that an operator can use to monitor and control a system (especially a computer system)

The term Console exclusive is nothing more than a sad attempt by Microsoft to trick people into believing that they aren't lacking value, when they clearly are.

Microsoft sucks at lying, so how are they fooling so many people?

xXRight3yeXx3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Mass Effect 2 isn't exclusive. So is GOW COLLECTION. But LBP is. Because what you're playing on PSP is not the same game than that on PS3. Whereas what i'm playing on my PC is the same thing than what my friend is playing on his 360. BTW, the term "CONSOLE XCLUSIVES" do NOT exist.

How does MS seem to get all the credit for a good game? (MASSEFFECT1,2,GeOW) They didn't even splash any cash! Why cant people see that?

BTW, guys, i'm getting my 360 tomorrow. Yup, i bought it. Jasper set. Can't wait for the best of bth worlds although i'll still be biased in side of the PS3.

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knightdarkbox3104d ago

Like I've always said, the ps3 is inferior in exclusives of 360..

ps3 fanboys don't trust more in exclusives anymore,ps3 have lost some old exclusives they just aren't exclusive anymore..

i am not a fanboy but recent events have worried me about sony's ability to hold on to its exclusive third party franchises final fantasy tekken.

zenosaga043104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )


It's funny because I didn't see Tekken or Final Fantasy on that list...

did you?

If I were you, I'd find a new hobby ;)

mrv3213104d ago

Games like FF, GTA and Metal Gear? You mean games who ALL started out on different platforms

Metal Gear-Famicon

Yeah they lost LOADS!

MastermindPS3603104d ago

ps3 is really really lacking in co-op section......besides LBP ..but thats like play for a hour tops and play it again next month

only thing i see is gow 3 and uncharted....toss in gt5 and blu-ray and you have my reason for buying a ps3 hurrrayyyy...for $600 dollars plus a upgraded drive.

avengers19783103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

@knightdarkbox; did you actually look at the scores. it was 5 to 5.
5 PS3 games had a better score, and 5 360 games had a better score, but if you look at the scores some of the 360 games only won by .02 so isn't that really a tie. Plus some of the 360 games were multiplat(call of duty got the same score on PS3)

Kleptic3103d ago

^^ it was call of duty 2 on that list...a game that never made it to the PS3, and had a different 'version' for PC iirc...I guess thats why it was included...not sure why it didn't get the same tag as ghost recon, because COD 2 was a launch title for the 360, by far the only one even worth considering...but obviously anything released on PC had no weight in this comparison, as multiple 360 titles all ended up on PC at release, or soon after...

in either case it clearly shows how far the PS3 has come since release...multiple 360 titles on that list all released at, or soon after its launch...where as the PS3 didn't get any of its great titles until well into a year after it came out, save Uncharted which came just under 1 year...You could say the same thing about the 360, that Gears of War was its first 'real' big exclusive...but by that point everyone was already saying the 360 had nothing but awesome games...even though this list doesn't seem to list any of them...

both have great titles...simple as that...but there is a lot of variety between them...the 360 is very genre focused, with nearly all of its titles being some sort of shooter genre...where as the PS3 has what Sony has ALWAYS accomplished...titles across all genres...

Narutone663103d ago

the kid who got banned till the year 9999?

Anon73493103d ago

Call of Duty 2? Seriously?

I have that game on my PS2 and PC? I was gonna complain on how they used Mass Effect/gears as an exclusive or how very little the journalist knows about the industry... but seriously?

Or the fact that they have ghost recon on there? Seriously? You can't use anything better than that?

I can think of many more games he didn't include either, like why not put Mod Nation Racers or 3D Dot game heroes in the "yet to be released?" Probably because he hasn't even heard of them.

Also, why is he using scores from gamerankings? Can't he form his own opinions?

I'd be much more interested if he talked about Lost Odyssey, Tales of Vesperia, Crackdown, Valkyria Chronicles, MAG, Disgaea 3 and other great ACTUAL 360 and PS3 exclusives instead of stuff that's popular or stuff that scored well.

This is beyond pathetic. This article is complete garbage.

arsenal553103d ago

LOLOLOL. like 6 out of the 10 games arent even 360 exclusives. I have most of those "exclusives" for my pc.

Lou-Cipher3103d ago

Those aren't 360 exclusives, they are PC exclusives. lol

Mass Effect 2 ONLY ON PC :) O wait?

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zenosaga043104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

And yet another "exclusive" list with multi-platform games on it. I know Mass Effect 2 and Gears of War aren't available on the PS3, but still the word "exclusive" really shouldn't be used for games that can be played in their entirety on another medium. I mean it's not like the stories are different in the 360 versions. If they were then I could see its inclusion as an "exclusive" but they're not so...

And even the inclusion of the God of War Collection is kind of suspect, seeing as how both of those games were available on the PS2... but at least with that collection some minor enhancements were included in the PS3 version.

Still in the end I counted like 8 PS3 exclusives and 4 Xbox exclusives, not counting XBL games. By the way, what happened to the number 6?


You went through all that typing to point out one console has less exclusives...and you leave out the xbl games<----aren't those exclusive?

-Alpha3104d ago

Judging from the title its 360 exclusives vs. PS3 exclusives, which means the PC is left out, which is why I assume 360/PC games are in it.

Also, the 360 list would end up lacking anyway if said games were removed.

In all honesty the variety is on PS3.

zenosaga043104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

Yea I definitely wasted my time writing all of that, especially considering that a large number of the people that enter this article probably can't read =)

But I stand by my statement. XBL & PSN games are in a completely different category, since in most cases they cost no more than $10 or $15 and are usually graphically inferior to full release titles. If they were full priced releases and were held to the same standards as retail games, their average scores would be a lot lower.

For example, Shadow Complex was a great downloadable title, but I guarantee you if it costs the average consumer $60 it would be averaging around a 7 or 7.5 instead of the 89% that it currently has


That was a decent reply, without flaming me no less.

zenosaga043104d ago

Hahaha yea man of course we're all friends here, and I try to keep it friendly with everyone. We have different view points, and I think that when we share our views in a rational and intelligent way we can all benefit.

The Wood3104d ago

for u!tstorm....averted

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OhReginald3104d ago

haha xbox 360's list consist nothing but shooters and racers....

where as ps3 has shooters, plat formers, rpgs, action adventure, stealth, and what ever type of genre heavy rain is.

PS3 FTW!!!!!

MastermindPS3603104d ago

well have fun only playing LBP with your 10 yr old friends .......well have those 360 games you can actually play with needs more co-op games....unless you have no friends?

CadDad3104d ago

Multi-player *can* add fun to a game, but it doesn't necessarily make a game better than one without MP.


ape0073104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

LoL, some fanboys here are blind

I pity the fools

silvacrest3103d ago

some people think Mass Effect 2 is a RPG, honestly, its not, its got more in common with a squad based shooter then any RPG i have played, ME1 on the other hand is a different story

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BeaArthur3104d ago

This is just what we all needed. A lot of great games for both and leave it at that.

Raypture3103d ago

I agree, but the fanboys are rushing in and turning it into a console wars debate because they'd never think about playing a game on anything but thier console of choice

BeaArthur3103d ago

Agreed, they make comments about games they have never played.