Skate 3 Demo Impressions - PlayStation LifeStyle

PSLS writes:

As a whole, I am happy to see the Skate 3 demo represent a huge moving forward for EA's Skate series. The off-board handling and presentation are much improved over the previous title, and the addition of new technical tricks makes for a whole lot more options when recording a video to post on your profile. The option to set a difficulty of gameplay and a new camera angle means gameplay is tweak-able for those who don't like the standard settings or are looking for a new challenge. With Skate 3 set to release on May 11th of this year, this is definitely an upcoming game that you can count on me getting. Check out the new demo on the PlayStation Store to see if you like the new changes, and look forward to the official PlayStation LifeStyle review of Skate 3 within the following month!

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