Before Bulletstorm, There Was Painkiller

"Pfffff. Dude. That was 2002! Hang on, what was the idea? Hmm. I was drunk..."

People Can Fly creative director Adrian Chmielarz is exactly what you might think the man behind Painkiller and Bulletstorm is like. The eccentric Polish studio head is one of the least rehearsed developers to ever sit in front of a camera, as you'll soon see for yourself in our upcoming video interview with him about this month's cover story. Chmielarz's enthusiasm for Painkiller is no less infectious than his love for Bulletstorm; this is a guy who truly believes in the work he does: making killing ridiculous enemies as awesome as possible.

The video game development scene eight years ago was much different than it is today. The PlayStation 2 reigned uncontested on console, and you could make a modern-looking PC first-person shooter on a shoestring budget. If your passion was to make an off-the-wall FPS with 200-foot tall bosses and guns that shoot both shurikens and lightning, you could make that a reality.

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