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Naty from realtimerendering writes : "Since my recent post discussing the antialiasing method used in God of War III, Cedric Perthuis (a graphics programmer on the God of War III development team) was kind enough to email some additional details on how the technique was developed"

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are the weapons of Kratos !

Icyhot4677d ago

Yup Cell is a beast. Couldn't see a single jaggie in GOW3. Hope this tech percolates to all the development studios... It seems to have a better effect than 4xMSAA which is remarkable.

Lol I remember a time when people use to say PS3 can't do AA since GPU isn't capable. Lol and look at now, Cell is producing a far better AA than the competition could dream off. 360 actually has to drop the resolution to do 4xAA (like in Alan Wakes case), but PS3 games run butter smooth at 720P and 60FPS with the best AA.

whateva4677d ago

now it's starting to Kick even GPU's ass @ it's own task.

MexicanAppleThief4677d ago

Awesome, we need more articles like this. And let's not forget the fact that this is Santa Monica's first crack at the PS3's hardware.

Can't wait to see what else they got cooking up.

DeepInterludium4677d ago

Yep, GoW3 was so smooth, perhaps the best IQ of any console game ever all at 720P with a high framerate.

Sad that some releases this gen are still only managing 540p.

BannedForNineYears4677d ago

Naughty Dog put some of the GPU load onto the CPU...CPU >>>> GPU. xD
CPUs are not meant to do that. xD

Redrum0594677d ago (Edited 4677d ago )

the reason why ps3 exclusives are looking so good altogether is because sony is using its 1st party devs two work together in projects. for example, sony will send guys from santa monica to help naughty dog on uncharted3, just an example although very likely to happen. since sony owns them, sony has them working together. im sure the 360 can pull of some realy badazz zhit if they get guys from epic to work with bingie on halo reach or vise versa on gears3, but so far i havent heard such thing with 360devs.

and just like GOW3 has lots of epic motion going on at the same time in gameplay, Uncharted2 has sequences that are a bit similar. so maybe they have worked together already. watch sliding sequence below, srry not the best quality.

Edit: minimal spoiler alert.

Greywulf4677d ago (Edited 4677d ago )

Everyone knows.

Its great to see how the playstation is capable of these things..

yet multiplatform developers claim its impossible.

It only does....The impossible?

Bathyj4677d ago

Nice point MexicanAppleThief that a lot of people dont really appreciate or realise.

GoD of War 3 is a first wave game for Santa Monica on this generatin of Hardware, same as Killzone was, Uncharted, inFamous, Motorstorm, GT5P (well GT5 is, kinda). Some of those games already have sequels and look at the improvement made in one game.

What will Guerilla, Naughty Dog, Insomniac and Santa Monica among others, be cable of come 2013?

Christopher4677d ago (Edited 4677d ago )

That takes way too much skill. Seriously, the streamlining and attention to detail they must have taken with the whole game on an assembly language level is just ridiculous. And this has less to do with the platform and a whole heck of a lot more to do with some awesome developers.

IHateYouFanboys4677d ago

the AA in God of War 3 is very good, no doubt, but there is still lots of noticeable aliasing. the method of AA they used works wonders for still images, but not as well in motion.

just makes you wonder, if sony hadve give the PS3 a better GPU, imagine what they couldve done with all the extra CPU power they have to use on AA?

Beefstew4u4677d ago

Man... if Sony had given it a better GPU and some more RAM, 4xAA would be child's play =D. I can't wait to see the next generation of consoles... can't even begin to imagine the graphics they will be able to pull off.

evrfighter4677d ago

The aliasing was blurry but present. I'd say it was comparable to about 4xAA which is still pretty good.

However this came at the cost of using a fixed camera angle which I hope is not part of this "new wave".

sacrificing the camera for some AA is a step back imo.

UP4677d ago

the camera excuse is stupid and is getting old.

Bathyj4677d ago

The camera in GoW has always been fixed and its never been a problem before. You're just a troll and everyone knows it.

The only "new wave" of games you're worried about are the wave of Sony titles that you never get to play, leaving everything else in its dust.

raztad4677d ago (Edited 4677d ago )


Man you need to let it go. How the fvck did you manage to mix AA and the "fixed" camera?

I see you skipped the previous iterations of the game. FYI the camera always has been non-user controllable in GoW games, it has nothing to do with MLAA.


"lots of noticeable aliasing"? odd, it got to be your copy. Mine is really smooth and aliasing is almost non-existent. GoW3 AA is in the WORST case equivalent to 4xMSAA. If you want better AA I strongly suggest you to build a good gaming rig, consoles is not the right hardware for you.


Thats nothing. I read SSM devels saying the PS3 is much easier to code for than the PS2 and yet they managed to have the best looking game ever on that platform: GoW2. However dont forget MLAA is extremely heavy on the CPU, it can not be done efficiently with a regular general purpose CPU.

DaTruth4677d ago

The level was created and then the camera angles were put in for gameplay purposes. When you switch sides you can see what was hidden from another angle.

There's no hidden low res areas. Please read more before commenting out of ignorance.

Dacapn4677d ago (Edited 4677d ago )

Just say you didn't play the game because to everyone who has played it, you sound like you're going off hearsay and youtube videos. The game has bonus content, and in the level design portion you would see that the levels are created then the camera angles are chosen afterwards like someone mentioned above.

Even if you didn't watch the developer diaries, if you played the game there are two things that would make this very obvious: first the books you interact with in the game that are all over the place allow you to move the camera and zoom in and out as you please. Second, there's a part in the game where you revisit an area from a different angle.

IHateYouFanboys4677d ago


who said i dont have a gaming PC? i certainly mustve come up with that yourself lol. im a gamer, not a fanboy. i buy every console, and upgrade my PC whenever theres a game i cant play.

God of War 3 has aliasing. fact. yes, it has anti-aliasing, but its not 100% effective. is it good anti-aliasing? damn straight it is. is it perfect? no. but people on here are saying that it has NO aliasing, and that is just not true. honestly, i swear half the people on here dont even understand what aliasing is, so of course they dont see it - they dont know what theyre looking for.

Traveler4677d ago

Ahh I love GOW3...such a beautiful game.

raztad4677d ago (Edited 4677d ago )


True. You didnt tell that, but no reasons for me tu assume either way so my suggestion seemed appropriated.

BTW, IMO GoW3 AA is almost flawless, specially if you game at a safe distance from your TV. I think GoW3 level AA (4xMSAA or better) is more than enough for future PS3 games. I still dream though first party devels can squeeze more out of the PS3 and give us fully 1080p games, as someone pointed out bellow, resolution makes for most of the aliasing problem, 720p is great but 1080p would be incredible. GT5 may be the first running natively at 1080p, @60fps.

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raztad4678d ago (Edited 4678d ago )

Now it's time for SSM to share this tech. I want all my future games (at least Sony's) to look as smooth as GoW3 does.

"So instead of waiting for the results next frame, we are using the SPUs as parallel coprocessors of the RSX and we use the time we would have spent on the RSX to start the next frame. With 3 ms or 4 ms of SPU latency at most, we are faster than the original 6ms of RSX time we saved."

So the MLAA tech ended up being faster (and equivalent to 4xMSAA) than 2xMSAA provided by the RSX . Amazing coding achievement, and shows how powerful the Cell is.

shazui1234677d ago

A number of sources have stated that this could be compared to 16-32x MSAA in some cases in terms of quality. This article states that "the quality became significantly higher than MSAA2x or even MSAA4x" keyword here is higher (when referring to quality)

thewhoopimen4677d ago

According to digital foundry, the MLAA technique is comparable to 16xMSAA on a good implementation. And that was when they were talking about Saboteur which had some motion artifact, HUD, and edge detection issues. Santa Monica Studios was more than able to overcome those problems with GOWIII. That's mighty impressive considering most mid-level GPUS would grind to halt at that high of an equivalent MSAA.

I see current Radeon 4800-5800s being able to do this but nothing less.

When you look at it that way... this implementation is VERY impressive for a 4-5 year old console.

CobraKai4677d ago

They totally need to share the wealth. All that work for one game would be a shame. This has, in my opinion, THE BEST AA I have seen in a console game and would like to see more games use this technique. What's really scary is how they say that GOW3 uses 50% of the PS3 power. I can't even imagine what they can do next.

evrfighter4677d ago

"the MLAA technique is comparable to 16xMSAA"

there would be various levels of MLAA much like there are various levels of MSAA.

it's not a one size fits all.

raztad4677d ago (Edited 4677d ago )

@guys above
I would love to agree with the 16xMSAA but I cant. Dont take DF too seriously. They are amateurs. Read the article. The Saboteour was NOT using MLAA, debunking DF initial theory. The very GoW3 devel said they achieved the equivalent to full 4xMSAA.

Is that true? I gave it a quick read. I'll read it again. Thanks.

You are right,

"the quality became significantly higher than MSAA2x or even MSAA4x on all our still shots,"

thewhoopimen4677d ago

Actually the article said they went beyond 4xMSAA. Still very impressive :)

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1st Party Developers are the geniuses, besides the quality they can bring.

Nathan1234677d ago

Really impressed with the clean look this MLAA provides.

Just compare the GOW3 demo which runs with 2xMSAA and GOW3 final version which runs on MLAA and 1 can see a massive difference in the jagged edges smoothing.

The 1 thing I hate about console games is the lack of AA and Jagged Edges, but it looks like I won't have to worry at least in PS3 Exclusives case.