Elemental: War Of Magic - IncGamers Interview

IncGamers' Tim McDonald chats to Brad Wardell, CEO and president of Stardock and executive producer on Elemental: War of Magic, to nail down the game's basics for those who aren't quite sure of the fantastic-looking strategy title.

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Maticus3105d ago

Not sure on the art style personally, but I hear good things from others about this.

Leord3105d ago

Even simplistic art styles can have more detail. Just stylistic details :)

ColdFire3105d ago

I love the art style, but the gameplay sounds even better

Malfurion3105d ago

It looks brilliant, can't wait!

Cogo3105d ago

I agree, it looks cool.

AndyA3105d ago

Diggin' the art style.

Fyzzu3105d ago

Looking gorgeous. Sounds really, really cool, too...

Letros3105d ago

One of my most anticipated games this year, Stardock is win, this game should be amazing, 32 players online!

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