Ninety Nine Nights 2: brand new and exclusive screenshots

Cynamite published a bunch of brand new und exclusive screenshots of Ninety Nine Nights 2.

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Chris3993107d ago

I will be picking this up.

Looks ace.


It does look nice, I like the color and style. I will roll a big fatty before playing this like I do when play any game.

Keanu7773107d ago

Looks better and even more brutal than the prequel.

N4BmpS3106d ago

Kinda remind me of DMC 4 especially screen 6. Anyone remember Virgil's summoned swords? Looks pretty nice. BTW that first part wasn't an insult of any kind.

kasasensei3106d ago

The first one was a truly piece of crap. Bad story, bad telling, bad voices, bad controls, bad difficulty, collisions bugs everywhere.
This one looks beautiful, but i stay vigilant about all the stuff that ruined my experience on the first game.

PRHB HYBRiiD3106d ago

im a fps guy to death but this game looks like a must have.

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