A Gamer's Guide To The General Election

GamerZines discusses each party's views on video games, what they could bring to the industry, and, indeed, how it could affect your gaming lifestyle.

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AliTheBrit193106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

I'm voting Liberal Democrats, without a doubt

Anyone watch the first live debate? Cameron and brown showed themselves up.

Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats:

- Are the only ones who seem to be interested in giving the UK population fair treatment through out

- Are the only ones who have showed any interest in getting rid of the terrible Digital Economy Bill

- Nick Clegg is an Atheist, which in my opinion puts him miles ahead of the others

- Wants to financially support the gaming industry in the UK

- Has an Xbox 360 in his tour bus (LOL xD)

The only thing that annoys me about Clegg is his desire to introduce the Euro as currency in the UK.

fossilfern3106d ago

Your right he does have some good policies and like you said about the UK possibly using the Euro its only a matter of time i suppose with the likes of the lisbon treaty pushing the EU closer to a Single State or a Federation.

AliTheBrit193106d ago

Yep, its a sad sad day man, this great country is losing its identity.

DamonTheMoney3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

It's that time again. Where we use a system of unjust democratic voting to elect one group of *people* (i.e. not supermen with infallible morals and ethics, but people with flaws just like you and I), each of whom will supposedly make our lives better and 'change' this country for the better. Though in actuality, the fact is that no matter which of them is elected they will equally coerce the citizens of the world (both at home and abroad) and take away our liberties and natural rights all in the name of 'allegiance', 'altruism' and of course the 'control of human nature'.

Why do we never get the option to vote "None of the above" ?

Darkstorn3106d ago

I'm an American, so from what I can tell after following this election on the BBC, Brown and Clegg are the relative 'good guys.'

Clegg's an interesting fellow, however I still can't find reputable sources for his party's platform.

DiLeCtioN3106d ago

If the UK goes Euros you can tell its part of the new world order plan. Tbh i could'nt give a crap about either party, one way another, they have the same thing in mind but just taking different routes.

whoelse3105d ago

People should not jump the gun and look at his policies:

Amnesty for illegal immigrants
Cut Child trust funds and tax credit
Cut winter fuel payments
Allow some prisoners the chance to vote in elections

He may seem like a nice guy, and a good leader, but his party is not right for Britain.

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bjornbear3106d ago

but i'd vote for the middle one, simply because his face is zoomed in more


nah jk

on a real note - poor brown has been under a lot of fire recently xD

Basil-Rathboner3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Have you ever heard of the expression 'one swallow does not make a summer.'

While i fully respect your voting decisions, just because Nick Clegg performed well in a live television debate, i don't believe this justifies him to become the next Prime Minister.

Take a good look at their manifesto policies on Europe, Trident, immigration, banking, foreign policy, health-care and home affairs.

His second in command Vince Cable who is looked upon as the second coming of Christ and a financial genius is in actuality a very dangerous man. His policies on the banking system, were they to be introduced would lead many to financial ruin, through nationalisation leading to further share losses and small businesses would suffer.

Why should being an Atheist as you say put him miles ahead of the others.
I would rather take the person best suited for the job in leading the country and NOT put any due prejudice towards his or her religious upbringing.


Gordon Brown has bankrolled an illegal war, robbed peoples pensions, sold our gold, created mass immigration, lost our sense of national identity, British jobs for British workers bull$h!t, financially presided over wrecking our economy, promised us a vote on Europe then DIDNT give us one, under-equipped our troops and LIES about it, created a compensation culture, TAXES US TO BL00DY DEATH, created a quite [email protected]#@#ing horrendous nanny state, created an underclass of dole cheats and benefit scroungers at the tax payers expense,10p tax, Nothern Rock and LIES about falling crime statistics ( He did this by no longer classing car theft or car break-in as a 'crime' it goes into a different category hence lowering or as i like to put it 'massaging the figures')and lastly he failed on education. This is shown in the figures that a console prone to unacceptable failure rates and charges for online when it should be free, sells well in the UK.

The man is a pathalogical liar much in the same vein as his predecessor Tony Blair.
Gordon Brown is poisonous odious [email protected][email protected]

Sadly call me Dave (Cameron) didn't quite pull out the stops in last Thursdays debate. He really needs to up his game.

Finally i fear that this election is turning into a bl00dy episode of the X factor with these televised debates whereby people are basing their voting decisions on personality rather than policies for the good of the country.)

AliTheBrit193106d ago

Lol man that was a lot to read

I don't want to vote for Lib Dem because of the tv debate, although that clinched it for me.

And I hate the way Lib Dems want to be in the EU, but to me they're the lesser evil.

Labour don't deserve another chance, and I would never vote Conservative.

Marojado3106d ago

The reason the Lib Dems seem like the lesser of the evils is because they've never had the opportunity to make the decisions on which we judge Labour and the Conservatives. They essentially have a clean (and thus potentially corruptible) slate.

They'll have to toughen up to actually do something worthwhile with this country, and once they've gone through that change there’s no going back. We'll see how virtuous they are then. If they do get in, then I hope they can maintain their integrity, but they're making an awful lot of promises here.

To be fair, I've always leaned more towards to the Conservatives. Everyone judges them based on Thatcherite Britain, but they've certainly come a long way since then. The three major parties are essentially middle of the road with a few distinct policies either way on the political spectrum. Regardless, Nick Clegg put in a very solid performance during the debate and I was undoubtedly impressed.

TABSF3106d ago

Conservatives and Labour are the same sh!t they are part of the New World Order bowing and kissing the toes of the world elite such as the Rothschild and Rockefeller families

From what I have seen and heard Nick Clegg is the only one out of the 3 major parties that is not playing ball with these Anti Humanitarian Money Grabbing [email protected]@rds

Tony Blair and David Cameron are Un-legitimate Rothschild's and are connected to the British Royal family which are also Un-legitimate Rothschild's

Voting for Labour or Conservatives is the same as Voting for Adolf Hitler or George Bush or Mao Zedong.
They never had the public interest at heart and are only interest in money and making the Elite more powerful

Basil-Rathboner3106d ago

I agree buddy they are the lesser evil.

Heavens above wheres the monster raving loony party when you need them to add a sense of normality to proceedings.

Strikepackage Bravo3106d ago

I would fight that Euro currency, and become one with Europe bullsh%t like crazy.

That is crap, UK is the greatest nation in Europe in my opinion, and one of the greatest in the world, the rest of Europe has no right to take that identity away. Not that the rest of Europe does not have a rich history as well, but the UKs history is just astonishing to learn about, the more I learn about Britain the more I like her.

Darkstorn3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

I don't think adopting new currency and representation in a regional body will make England lose their sense of identity.

Hell, the United States is a single country and we have many, many regional cultures that are not being encroached on by a 'malicious government.' You'd be surprised at how different Northern CA culture is from Oregon culture, for example.

Strikepackage Bravo3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

not a very good one. The USA is SUPPOSED to be a mixture of many cultures, that is what its all about, its a melting pot. Not to mention the situation in EU and UK are a bit different. We are talking national policy and perhaps even morays being influenced by foreign bodies.

A bunch of Italians and Germans having a say in what's best for the British people? That is twisted. All the same its what we are fighting here in the USA, our president is also trying to turn the USA into Europe.

If every nation in the world becomes the same where is the diversity? We all have the same weaknesses then, and the same strengths, in genetics that leads to extinction.

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