What Gets You Banned From Xbox Live Until The Year 9999?

A concerned parent has apparently taken to the official 360 forums, looking for an explanation as to why his son had been banned from Xbox Live until the Year of our Lord, 9999. Microsoft was only too happy to oblige.

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qface643105d ago

i thought this was gonna be one of those articles where someone gets wrongfully banned again

HA HA HA HA that made me laugh i wonder what the dad said to the kid after he found that out

Komega3105d ago

I know, I'm not even sure that I would be mad at him or not lol!

JsonHenry3105d ago

Weird, that never got me banned on Uno. Or that nasty fat b1tch that lays around in her bed and just lets the xbox play her hands for her.

HolyOrangeCows3105d ago

LOL, that must have been an interesting read for the parent.
...and this is why pedobear loves UNO.

97gsx3105d ago

Pedobear isnt into boys.

HammockGames3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

... he was "exposed" for glitching on Modern Warfare 2.

Nobody ever gets away with that. Automatic ban for life.


Lifendz3105d ago

I doubt it was the dad. It was probably the kid pretending to be his dad so he would be taken seriously and wouldn't feel embarrassed. I don't like many of MS' policies but I'm loving this. HOpefully the other jerks out there take notice and cut the crap.

ProjectVulcan3105d ago

Prince Charles really needs to keep his boys under control better

Pain3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

No birthday cake for him.

lamerzard3105d ago

This thread has informed me that not having anything to do with xbox live was indeed the correct decision.

Persistantthug3105d ago

Does Microsoft send you a prorated refund?

Christopher3105d ago

@Persistantthug: It's forfeited per the ToS/EULA when you sign up for XBox LIVE.

Persistantthug3105d ago

That's what I meant when I was saying TOS/T&C's/etc are not necessarily the be all end all. Just because a company writes and makes up "rules", doesn't make it just or legal in a court of law.

MS can legally and justfully kick off anyone they want....but all remaining monies MUST be returned or there is risk said company can defraud its customers.

By the way, I'm channeling the PS3 Other OS thing and I know its a total different scenereo, but the TOS thing is what I'm getting at. It isn't necessarily legal

Christopher3105d ago

Nope, completely legal. When you subscribe you agree to the terms. It's an agreement at the point of sale, which is completely legal.

This is the exact same thing that happens with MMOs. If you get banned from World of Warcraft in the first month of your yearly subscription... too bad.

Persistantthug3105d ago

What if said company tells you you have to jump up and down and bark like a dog and its in the TOS/T&C's?

What if a company tells you, you have to lick your keyboard, but you can't lick the WASD buttons, or your kicked...and its in the TOS?

No offense, but there are alot of misguided people that seem to think everything that's signed or made up and/or proposed by whatever said company is LEGAL and's not.

I guaranty if that got challenged in California, Microsoft would lose. Kicking off is fine...but keeping paid money is not regardless of what rule Microsoft "made up".

thor3105d ago

It's perfectly allowed within contract law. If you violate the terms of the agreement, the contract is terminated according to the stipulated terms. Google "Breach of Contract".

Christopher3105d ago

It's not just because they say so and, technically, you can put tons of stuff in contracts that don't make sense and it would still be valid. But, if it's a contract about the limitations of the sale being made, completely legal as long as it doesn't break any state or federal laws in which the agreement is being made.

You saying they're making it up is the same as saying it's legal to copy software and movies and give them to your friends. I mean, it doesn't matter just because they make up their own rules, right?

ReservoirDog3163104d ago

ToS is a legally binding contract written up by all the MS lawyers. You press agree, it's legally binding. Everything in there is legal, though probably not always fair but that's not the point. You break the ToS, all your rights are null and void.

If you feel it's not legal, talk to a lawyer and you'll quickly find that it is in fact legal. Unless it's not. In which case yay for you, you're gonna sue a company. I have a cousin that specializes in that. PM me if you want his number.

But this kid has no case.

Persistantthug3104d ago

If you sign up with Cellular phone internet service, there is a data usage cap.
If you go over the usage 3 times, they kick you off and cancel service...suspended service, and its all in the T&C and TOS. (Most people go over because they are using their cell phones as modems, which is against TOS.)

AT&T they can kick off anytime they want, but California Law mandates they return any money back to customer, usually in a check.

Same principle here.

Microsoft keeping money is against the can't do can't keep money for services NOT rendered and I don't care how many "contracts" you sign.

Gamer7l3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

You should change your name to PersisentIdiot.

Not ONLY is the XBL ToS PERFECTLY well as the banning....the PREMISE of the actions by MS, in this case, would be held up in ANY COURT OF LAW. Maybe you're too dense to realize it, but exposing yourself in a public forum is a crime BY ITSELF. Trust me...the parents aren't dumb enough to fight this, even if you are.

And yes....I corrected the spelling in your name as well. Just one more thing that shows your ignorance.

Christopher3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

You just gave an example of what I exactly said, which is they are fine as long as they don't break any state or federal law. In this case it's specifically a law regarding early cancellation of cell phone subscriptions.

Look up the term severability. It'll teach you that if one element becomes invalid due to an existing or new law, the rest still holds true.

But, as far as LIVE and MMO Subscriptions, there are no such laws in existence... yet...

Persistantthug3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

The cellular thing is more of a PUC (Public utilities Commision) issue and is more strongly monitored and enforced. But MMO's and video games, obviously, it is not....its hardly even taken seriously.

But if this was to come forth before practically any California judge, it would be easy to side on behalf of the kid here (For the MONEY only).

You had to come in a ruin a good adult debate/discussion by calling me names and being obnoxious. Why?

The reason you have 2 bubbles is because you can't have a civil discussion without doing what you just did. Hopefully, soon you'll have 1 LESS bubble until you learn better. Consider me a start to that 1 bubble status.

Gamer7l3104d ago

Sorry, can't have an "adult discussion", when you don't know what the hell you're talking about to begin with. Does it not seem funny to you, that you are the ONLY ONE who thinks MS is in the wrong here? Give it up, and try sticking to topics you actually know SOMETHING about, in the future.

Persistantthug3104d ago

At any rate, Microsoft wasn't wrong in kicking the kid off, nor were they wrong for banning him for life. Hell, I applaud them for doing so...

But the kid needs to be sent his money.

"'ve pissed us off and done something you don't like...WE GET TO KEEP YOUR MONEY".

Obviously that is ethically wrong, and brought before a decent judge, it would be considered illegal.

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hamoor3105d ago

and its bill gates not william

hybridtheory123105d ago

@above you serious? Bill is short for William O__o

AngryTypingGuy3104d ago

Well as stupid as that guy was, does he beat the quintessential PS3 fan?

Dorwrath3105d ago

I saw this a few days ago in the forums and found it very amusing.

What do you say after that lol. Guess Daddy/Mommy were left speechless lol

AliTheBrit193105d ago

Haha I sense an awkward conversation coming up.

rmedtx8883105d ago

If the kid was doing that; he deserves to be banned for good from the service.