European Demon's Souls Comes With Fan-Made Strategy Guide

PushSquare: "We told you last week that Demon's Souls was finally getting a Western release in part thanks to Namco Bandai who have taken on publishing responsibilities for the Playstation 3 exclusive. We also told you last week that the game comes with a much needed strategy guide. And in heart-warming news, it's just been announced that said strategy guide has been written by Demon's Souls fans."

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gtamike1233108d ago

Nice and "Only On Playstation" :)

Manac0R3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

I really like the idea of a guide by fans... but I gotta admit playing this first time with a strategy guide would feel kinda wrong.

Demon Soul's power was making you feel completely alone in a world full of other players. The fear, the not knowing. The agonizing choices, and the occasional wiki lookup :)

Wonder if playing it with a guide would deter from that feeling....

Demon Souls slaps you in the face, laughs and stomps you when you hit the other words it's merciless.

Just waiting for enough time to pass so i can play it again like the first time :)

El_Colombiano3108d ago

Yeah it would rid you of the original feeling it has. Strategy guide is NOT how to play this amazing game. Maybe the second play through though.