Guild Wars: War In Kryta Costumes Available

Guild Wars players can now get their hands on new 'War of Kryta' themed costumes.

Fans can choose to wear either the outfit of the White Mantle organisation or the garments of the rebel Shining Blades. The costumes are purely cosmetic and are worn over existing gear, so they do not affect stats.

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Leord3108d ago

It still looks pretty good, GW.

Malfurion3108d ago

Guild Wars always did have the edge on graphics

Chris3993108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

And I've played the gambit of them. WOW was fun, off and on. DAOC was alright. WAR was a mess. AOC got better after all the subscribers left :) Aion... Let us never speak that name again lest we summon a wrathful army of bots and gold-sellers.

But GW always delivered for me. And the "free" once you've bought it aspect was brilliant. Very excited for GW 2.

And yeah, for a 5 year old game, the visuals have held up remarkably. Don't forget the performance, either (which is helped by most of the game being instanced, I realize, but also by some great coding). This game runs on some pretty old rigs and still looks gorgeous.

Elwenil3108d ago

...And just couldn't get into it. Something about all the people looking like porn stars just turned me off. I mean it's ok to have hot chicks in a RPG, in my opinion, but the guys reminded me of He-Man or something and the whole homo-erotic vibe just sort of made me take the game less than seriously. Eh, I'm more of a D&D sort of guy anyway. Just my .02

Darkstorn3108d ago

I only ever bought GW: Factions, but I played the hell out of it (Luxons FTW!!!).

I'm greatly anticipating Guild Wars 2. Just think of what they'll do with it...

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Maticus3108d ago

The Shining Blades outfit is sexy. The White Mantle reminds me of the Children of the Light.

Cogo3108d ago

Robert Jordan rocks. :)

RIP :(

Fyzzu3108d ago

I presume this is something building towards Guild Wars 2?