Kojima is working on another "Confidential Project"

VGArabia: Hideo Kojima, the creator of the Metal Gear Solid and Zone of the Enders games has revealed that he is working on another "Confidential Project."

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immortal844612d ago (Edited 4612d ago )

I hope that one of those games to be a new Zone of The Enders game. I guess the second game will be a PS Move or Natal game. I really can't wait until E3. Bring it on Kojima san.

hay4612d ago

Whatever it'll be I'm gonna wank myself to death to it.

Timesplitter144611d ago

2.5 projects, actually

There's Castlevania, This new project, and MGS:Rising supervision

Anarki4611d ago

I'm with you there.
ZoE2 rocked so much a$$. <3 Zero Shift

Arkham4611d ago

1.1 - Hay: "Whatever it'll be I'm gonna wank myself to death to it."
1.2 - MariusElijah: "Stretching himself thin."


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hardcore19124612d ago

kojima could never produce something below our expectations. Can't wait.

Batzi4612d ago

it's ZOE3 else a new Metal Gear Solid game exclusive for PS3.

movements4611d ago

Yeah, new Metal Gear and Rising isn't even out yet.

Foliage4611d ago

Well Rising isn't really a Metal Gear. It's a spinoff of an unpopular character in the Metal Gear series.

Kojima has very limited to no involvement with Rising and has taken every opportunity to diss the project. If Kojima isn't onboard, it's not even worthy of a spinoff, you are looking at a different game under the disguise of a game title.

DarkSniper4611d ago

Whatever Hideo Kojima is working on, the one factor that is known is that it will be greatness. With his increasing knowledge of how to harness the PlayStation®3 hardware, Kojima will once again break the barrier of modern videogames as you know today.

Whether it's a sequel to the critically acclaimed Snatcher, Policenauts or Zone of the Enders. It's safe to assume that Microslaves will never touch the goods of what interactive entertainment truly means. Xbox 360 enthusiasts would know nothing of how it feels to be emotionally driven to finish an immersive game (or interactive movie as Microslaves would call it) and to be left questioning your own judgments and morals.

The only thing Microslaves can do it blindly mash their R trigger on whatever the latest shooter or "me too" exclusive will be. While you Microslaves enjoy the off-brand Metal Gear Rising, PlayStation®3 owners will be experiencing another fantastic exclusive from the gaming god himself, Hideo Kojima.


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