In-depth Review: Napoleon: Total War - Electronic Theatre

The Creative Assembly's Total War series is undoubtedly a pioneer in the strategy genre. With every new instalment the series has introduced new ideas that have since become staples of the genre, in addition to greatly improving on it's own predecessor. That why when this latest release, Napoleon: Total War, was announced for release early this year – just a year after the launch of the critically acclaimed Empire: Total War – it was met with a mix of anticipation and quiet scepticism. Could The Creative Assembly really offer such a compelling campaign and wealth of content just twelve months after their last release? As ever, the proof is in the pudding, and Napoleon: Total War is one meal that's certainly filling.

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kevco333504d ago

So how many of you have got into this then? I've heard mixed things, some people are saying it's no different to Empire:TW. But then, that's pretty much as good as it gets in my opinion!

mjolliffe3504d ago

Yeah, you can't really complain if it's the same as Empire: TW now can you?!

Letros3504d ago

I enjoy it more than Empire, AI is definitely better than Empire, and I prefer the setting, honestly its more like an expansion pack than a full game, but its only $35.

The only thing that bothered me was the advertised co-op campaign, ya you do the campaign with a friend and both of your objectives are to destroy one another. I mean you can work together, kill everyone then kill each other, but that's not really coop haha.