VGC Top Ten: Worst Online Gamers

When playing a game online you need to have thick skin. Not only will the average player get criticized mercilessly by jerks, but any sort of sexual innuendo, hate speech, or slur is up for grabs with some players. I have compiled a list of the ten worst offenders that try to ruin games for other folks, in no particular order.

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moegooner883105d ago

LOL at the Chocolate milk video.

mugoldeneagle033104d ago

When I have a kid, if he ever talks to me or his mom like this kid did he'd be getting one hell of a whoopin. And that system would be turned off and taken away ASAP.

And I thought I used to be an ass when I was a kid playing games. Wow

bmw693105d ago

That kid in the first image is funny!

TheGameLlama3104d ago

You wouldn't see any of these gamers on APPLE'S console. :P Apple owners are too polite and high class. HAHAHAHAHA that's what they want us to think, right?

... Right?

kaveti66163104d ago

Que? Apple is just barely becoming a viable gaming platform, thanks to STEAM.

3104d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.