New Call Of Duty will 'broaden series' appeal'

Remember the whispers of that third-person Call Of Duty game from Activision? The publisher's revealed that the title will "broaden" the appeal of the CoD series.

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chickenlegs93501d ago

oh dear,this will be a terrible mistake,the 3rd person mode in mw2 sucked balls,now there going to make it into a whole game???after the shabby/glitchy/broken multi playier in mw2 i for one have lost all faith in this series...that,and with moh,and graw both around the corner,i hope the cod series gets knocked back to being the underdog.right back to battlefield...

Chris3993501d ago

Mall of Duty: Shopping Mama


Call of Duty: Iraqi Crazy Carts for the 3DS

I'm joking, kinda.

mal_tez923501d ago

hopefully they make it appeal to hardcore gamers. MW2 is a game for noobs wih a 5 min learning curve.

They should make the shooting more fun and detailed, and make it so you actually need some skill and have to practice.

In terms of shooting gameplay mechanics, all games should aspire to reach Killone 2's level of fun and immersion.

Brklynty13501d ago

Didn't they said they wanted an action/adventure CoD? CoD is already a dying franchise with all the other shooter being able to compete mostly BC2 and MoH(all EA games XD), making that will just put the nail in the coffin. How many franchises will EA kill off of Activision? First Tony Hawk, then Guitar Hero, CoD is most likely next.

nycredude3501d ago

Call of duty is dead to me.

Activision is dead to me also.

TotalPS3Fanboy3501d ago

Now grandmas everywhere will be able to own everybody easily. It's going to be even easier to aim because you won't even have to aim anymore. The computer will just do it for you.

FragGen3501d ago

It's about time they tried to popularize a Call of Duty game... No one ever plays those games from what I hear, they're so cerebral... they should dumb them down. (facepalm)

irepbtown3501d ago

The ONLY call of duty's that im waiting for is Treyarchs COD. This year will be exiting and is exiting, GOW3 along with BC2. Then soon i hope GT5, MOH, n GRAW. and Treyarchs COD.

I will never waste 45 pounds on a infinity ward game ever again that is just crap.

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Excalibur3501d ago

And just a note Activision, you actually have 2 1/2 Developers working on the COD series. ;)

glennc3501d ago

they can release absolute [email protected] and it'll still sell a bucketload

BrutallyBlunt3501d ago

I guess selling a bajillion copies isn't enough for old Bobby. Maybe in the next Call of Duty you can swap your rifle for a Fender Guitar and play some notes while surrounded by smoke grenades.

Blacksand13501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

All the big people left Infinity Ward and started there on company, Activision should have paid them there money, now i hope they fall like a sack of bricks just like E.A did when they was on top, you money hungry [email protected]$turd. You can bring in who every you want, their not going to be good like the real team who made MW1 and MW2. You trying to pay people who is way, way behind the scene and hope they can be like the real team, but your wrong. Modern Warfare series is DEAD!!!!!!

irepbtown3501d ago

MW1 was the only good game they made, and the old cods. MW2 was a piece of crap.
If they can make a game as brilliant and exiting as COD Modern warfare, then i'll be happy, until then, i'm never going to buy another cod made by infinity ward.

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