This Is My Joystick at The Gadget Show LIVE

Joe Staley and Trent Pyro attend The Gadget Show LIVE and show you some of the best exhibitors, an inside look to the show, and a backstage chat with Jason Bradbury himself.

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zerocool33973108d ago

Awesome vid and brilliant interview with Jason Bradbury

Soulman uk13108d ago

Good work Joe! Jay Bradbury interview was a nice scoop

roskoe4203108d ago

These "Gadget" Shows look like allot of fun. I live in Las Vegas, does anybody know when the next show is coming around?
I especially liked the Hologram segment...

Stales893107d ago

"The Gadget Show" is a TV programme on Five UK, and they did a massive exhibition showcasing the latest gadgets etc and the presenters were there with Titan the robot etc.... and that's who the interview was with at the end, Jason Bradbury, one of the presenters.

Still... not sure about the US.

roskoe4203106d ago

Thanks for the info Stales89, appreciate it. My first post, (and coming off like a total nube.) Just kinda looked like a convention of sorts. The host do have a good sence of humor though, I dug it.

Stales893104d ago

LOL Yeah that Jason is a barrel of laughs.

Anyway, stick with This Is My Joystick, we will have loads of other videos like this. I should know... I make them haha