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lelo2play3496d ago


vhero3496d ago

A new game going top on its first week?? OMG like that never happens!!! As for GOW I knew it wouldn't last long over here been saying it for a long time now as just like with previous god of war games Sony have not advertised it. Not one little bit. It's huge in America but in UK its just another game to people here who haven't played it..

Oh Forza 3 is in the top 10 because... It's a budget game in the UK you can get it for only £17 and it comes free with most 360's. Well worth picking up for £17 mind you but that's why it's still holding up in terms of sales.. No way it would be top 40 if it was still full price.

dangert123496d ago

forza £17? you can't find this game for that price in many places i've never seen it most places sell it for 30 mate but yeah it does get bundled alot

WIIIS13496d ago

Don't be so anxious to broadcast your insecurities.

vhero3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

Amazon sell it for £17 check the link have the special edition for £17 So don't try to be clever here and prove me wrong as amazon and are the 2 biggest non specialised websites for multimedia in the UK. But heres a few more sites for you

See even GAME and gamestation the 2 biggest specialised game sellers sell it for £17.. I think that proves not only are you a liar but a fanboy to boot.

Nuff Said..

dangert123495d ago

MY BAD your right but that sh*t's still 40pound brandnew at my local gamestation and 50 in game

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ndibu3496d ago

Talk about long legs. So much about forza 3 being a flop huh?

ndibu3496d ago

So you guys are saying it is a flop?

cayal3495d ago

360 fanboys said LittleBigPlanet was a flop for not selling millions in the first week. If LBP was a flop (which it isn't) then Forza is a flop (which it isn't)

green3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

Forza 3 really got some serious legs. Simply refused to drop below the 15th position even after sitting on the shelves for 6 months. Is it just me but is FF13 on 360 outselling the PS3 version in the UK?

ANyway, great debut for Conviction. Still have not gotten my copy because i got exams coming up.

Fishy Fingers3496d ago

Wouldn't surprise me, must be close at least. 360 has a much better install base here.

Ahh exams, I don't miss those days! Good luck!

Chaostar3496d ago

Fishy fingers is right the Xbox is keeping its stranglehold on the British population here because a very high percentage of people are what we call chavs. Chavs love cars, Xbox has forza and PS3 not so much. Expect it to change when Gran Turismo is released. Just my theory and bitter social commentary ;P

Wrathman3496d ago

so what your saying is,the real home of chav scum is the ps3?

yeah thats about right.but you forgot about the pikeys

vhero3496d ago

Its advertised as a 360 exclusive over here in the UK... Even though its available on PS3..

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N4PS3G3496d ago

Let's see what's fun here

-Forza 3 beats God of War 3
-Modern Warfare 2 is still a beast
-Final Fantasy XIII (360) is #26 and PS3 version is out of the top 40
-Heavy Rain is doing pretty good in UK
-ODST is back on the top 40

Carl14123496d ago

God of War has never been a huge seller in Europe anyway.

vhero3496d ago

Agreed read through all my comments on god of war and UK and you will see I always said GOW will never sell well in the UK.

Omega43496d ago

Looks like the UK love the 360 more than the US, ffxiii 360 > ffxiii ps3 is pretty extreme, and Forza's legs are just ridiculous.

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