Age of Conan and Godslayer Expansion Announced For Retail

Funcom has announced a retail version of its MMORPG Age of Conan that will pack its upcoming Rise of the Godslayer expansion.

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djsean3104d ago

I thought this game died.

Avery3104d ago

joking right? Alive and kicking :)

ExposingLames3104d ago

ya i was pissed when i found out this game was pay to play....thats soo stupid, pay 10 bucks or something a month just to play 1 video game....i was hoping this game was going to go the same route Guild Wars did.....

ah well, it will just be another title i skip over, im happy with the games i have atm....and am very excited with upcoming ones like Red Dead Redemption...that games online seems amazing

Avery3104d ago

This is massively multiplayer game, not limited to 16 ppl like Red Dead Redemption (as nice as that game looks) it is different genre, different to Guild Wars too.

There is a free trial for Conan from their website.