Just Cause 2 Monster Truck DLC Released

Steam has listed the Monster Truck DLC for its action title Just Cause 2, now available for download.

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djsean3105d ago

yay I love paying $ for trivial in-game content


Chaostar3105d ago

I would only pay if it was something really awesome like... er... The Batmobile/Batwing, A Warhawk, AT-AT!

This is slightly cool but not worth the price.

PR0X13105d ago

lol... all these "dlc" should be in the game.

5 years ago this would be in the game. Now they just remove it out the retail disc and start selling it AGAIN.

It's like paying for buying there game.

F*ck that, I will NOT buy this. I only buy DLC if it adds something new to the game. Not sh*t like 3 maps for 15euro.

Rowsdower3105d ago

new missions coming out soon

DevilsJoker3105d ago

And because i've already got a icecream truck, special guns and a new parachute all for free, i figured i'd throw em a bone and pay 79p for a monster truck. And it is AWESOME by the way, it has a grenade launcher and machine gun that you can use and aim while driving. Plus its the only car that i've driven in it that can actually handle over rough terrain.

Its well worth it.

jak3y13oy3105d ago

Flamethrower would be pretty cool :)